Secondary Education

Cooperating Teacher & Mentor Teacher Information

Thank you for your willingness to assist in the development of a new teacher. We know that it is sometimes very difficult to entrust your students to another person, and particularly to a university student. You may have had a student teaching experience yourself during your teacher education program. We appreciate your taking this opportunity to “pay it forward.”

The Student Teacher Manual

This manual will help you understand the requirements and procedures for student teachers and will help you become familiar with your role as a cooperating teacher or mentor.

Evaluation Forms and Rubric

Over the course of the student teacher’s placement, you should conduct four formative and one summative evaluation. After you conduct the formative observations, sit down with your student teacher to discuss her or his strengths and areas for improvement, using the formative evaluation as a guide. The summative evaluation should serve as a letter of recommendation from you.

The Calendar

This calendar gives approximate dates on which you should conduct your evaluations.