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Professional Teacher Dispositions

To maintain status in the Secondary Education program, and in order to qualify for student teaching or an internship, students are expected to maintain standards of professionalism as articulated in the UVU Professional Teacher Dispositions document. Dispositional reviews are conducted on an as-needed basis throughout each semester. Repeated infractions may result in a student being removed from the program or barred from student teaching or interning. You will be asked to take a reflective Dispositional Survey during your final semester in the program.

  Professional Teacher Dispositions

  Dispositional Survey

Lesson Plans

In many of your Education courses, as well as in your content area methods course, you will be required to compose lesson plans. These lesson plans must be composed on the common UVU Lesson Plan Template and are scored using a common rubric.

  UVU Lesson Plan Template

  edTPA Lesson Plan Template

  Lesson Plan Template Tips

  Lesson Plan Rubric

Praxis Exams

You are responsible for two Praxis exams: your content area exam and the Teaching and Learning exam. You should take your content exam as early in the program as possible, as you must have taken it prior to student teaching. Further, you must pass the content exam before we can recommend you for licensure. You must pass the Teaching and Learning exam within your first three years as a professional teacher, however, we recommend you take that exam immediately after completing your coursework. The following links may prove helpful:

  Praxis II: Content Area Test Information

  USOE Teaching and Learning License

Student Teaching/Internship

Student teaching is a culminating experience completed during your last semester.

Student Teaching/Internships provide students the opportunity to practice what has been learned on the university campus and, more importantly, to continue academic and professional growth.

Student teachers and Interns will have opportunities to develop leadership skills working with students in a variety of settings, such as: before and after school enrichment classes, performance activities, student government and various clubs.


Learn More!

Learn More!


The UVU School of Education has adopted the nationally recognized edTPA Performance Assessment as the summative assessment of each graduate of our program. This assessment replaces the local senior project and represents an important step in recognizing the rigor of teacher preparation.

edTPA “provides something long overdue in teacher education: a clear, concise, and precise definition of the core of effective beginning teaching. It takes us a step further than other professional licensure exams because it goes beyond knowledge and judgment and examines actual candidate performance.”
– Amee Adkins,  Associate Dean, Illinois State University

Learn more about edTPA at

Students in the Secondary Education and Special Education programs are encouraged to start learning about the edTPA requirements immediately after being accepted into the program. Learn more about getting started.

You will complete edTPA during your student teaching/internship. Preparation for edTPA is woven throughout your coursework, and additional support will be provided during the semester in which you submit.