Secondary Education

Student Teaching Internship

Student teaching internships are a valuable component for a student's success as a professional teacher. Student Teaching Internships provide students the opportunity to practice what has been learned on the university campus and, more importantly, to continue academic and professional growth.

The student teaching internship program is for an entire school year. The intern is employed as a full time teacher who receives a salary plus benefits, and a mentor teacher from the school is provided to help observe, coach, and evaluate the intern. For more information concerning the role, opportunity, and guidelines to be an intern read the Internship Guide.

Student teachers who are selected to complete an internship are provided opportunities to develop insight into the skills needed to perform various functions and roles of a teacher and develop leadership skills while working with students in a variety of settings, such as before and after school enrichment classes, performance activities, student government, and various clubs.

Students may not solicit schools and/or principals for possible student teaching and/or internship placements. Student teaching and/or intern placements and selection will be determined by the partnership district, content area departments, and the Secondary Education Selection and Retention Committee.

The School of Education mission is to empower candidates to become ethical, knowledgeable, prepared individuals who can assume the role of teacher in elementary and secondary schools as well as prepare them for further career choices and advancement.

A few guidelines for the student who is selected for an Internship:

  • Internships are only offered Fall to Spring semesters; there are no Spring semester Internships offered
  • All program classes must be completed by April for Fall Internship
  • All Secondary Education course work and methods courses must be completed with a B- or higher prior to the Internship
  • All content area courses must be completed with a C or higher prior to the Internship
  • Students must pass their content area Praxis exam prior to applying for an Internship
  • Classroom Management II course is taken during the first part of the Internship
  • Application Deadline for an Internship is the 3rd Friday in January
  • Students may not solicit schools for Internship placements
  • Students must present student teaching license by the application deadline
  • Graduation date will be April of each year

Intern Teaching Calendar of Events

Student Teaching Internship Forms