Secondary Education

Student Teaching

Student Teaching is one of the most essential and valuable components of a teacher education program. Student Teaching provides students the opportunity to practice what has been learned on the university campus and, more importantly, it is an opportunity to continue academic and professional growth.

Student teachers from Utah Valley University are assigned to a variety of locations, grade levels, and subject areas. Great care is taken when choosing the host schools and cooperating teachers to ensure the success of our students.

Students may not solicit schools and/or principals for possible student teaching and/or internship placement. Student teaching and/or Intern placements and selection will be determined by the partnership district, content area departments, and the Secondary Education Selection and Retention Committee.

Student teachers will have opportunities to develop leadership skills working with students in a variety of settings, such as: before and after school enrichment classes, performance activities, student government and various clubs. Student teachers are encouraged to get the feel of the "school climate" by attending or helping to supervise extracurricular activities and non-classroom activities.

The School of Education mission is to empower candidates to become ethical, knowledgeable, prepared individuals who can assume the role of teacher in elementary and secondary schools as well as prepare them for further career choices and advancement.

A few guidelines for the student teacher:

  • All content classes must be completed with a C or higher before student teaching
  • All Secondary Education course work and methods course must be completed with a B- or higher prior to student teaching
  • Students must take Praxis exam prior to student teaching
  • Students must pass Praxis exam prior to applying for an internship
  • Classroom Management II course is taken during the student teaching semester
  • Application Deadlines are 3rd Friday in September for the Spring term and for the 3rd Friday in January for the Fall term
  • Students may not solicit schools for student teaching placements
  • Students must present student teaching license by the application deadlines

Student Teaching Calendar of Events for MATH, HEALTH, and ALL INTERNS
Student Teaching Calendar of events for Biology, Business Marketing, Dance, Earth Science, English, History, Music, PE, Physics, and Spanish


Senior Project Student Teaching Seminar

The Senior Project

The School of Education requires all student teachers and intern teachers to complete a Senior Project as part of their final portfolio. All the information you will need to complete the Senior Project can be found on Canvas for your section of EDSC 4850. In addition to the online modules, you will be required to attend 3 seminar sessions. During this seminar you will learn about the senior project, ask questions, gain feedback, and receive guidance on creating, completing and editing your senior project . The seminars will be scheduled in the afternoons throughout the semester. Attendance is not an option; it is required.

The purpose of the Senior Project is to help you continue to understand the teaching and learning process as well as to demonstrate your skills and abilities as a teacher. Your project will involve planning, teaching, assessing, evaluating, and reflecting on a unit of instruction. Completion of the Senior Project is a requirement for graduation and licensure through the School of Education at Utah Valley University.

For questions regarding the Senior Project, contact

Dr. Bryan Waite
Associate Professor
Phone: 801-863-6721

Student Teaching Forms