Secondary Education

Current Student Information

Professional Teacher Dispositions

To maintain status in the Secondary Education program, and in order to qualify for student teaching or an internship, students are expected to maintain standards of professionalism as articulated in the UVU Professional Teacher Dispositions document. Dispositional reviews are conducted on an as-needed basis throughout each semester.  Repeated infractions may result in a student being removed from the program or barred from student teaching or interning. You will be asked to take a reflective Dispositional Survey during your final semester in the program.

Lesson Plans

In many of your Education courses, as well as in your content area methods course, you will be required to compose lesson plans. These lesson plans must be composed on the common UVU Lesson Plan Template and are scored using a common rubric.

Senior Portfolio

The School of Education uses a portfolio assessment to document our claim to the Utah State Office of Education and our various accreditors that we are preparing our students to be successful beginning teachers. The Portfolio consists of Key Assignments that you complete in your courses, as well as the Senior Project, which you complete while student teaching. More information can be found through the following links:

Senior Project

While you are student teaching, you will complete your senior project. The purpose of this project is to help you synthesize the knowledge and skills you have gained through each of your courses. Your project involves analyzing the context in which you are teaching, creating and implementing a unit of instruction, analyzing your students' performance on the unit, and reflecting on the teaching and learning process. Completion of the senior project is a requirement for graduation and licensure through the UVU School of Education.

Praxis Exams

You are responsible for two Praxis exams: your content area exam and the Teaching and Learning exam. You should take your content exam as early in the program as possible, as you must have taken it prior to student teaching. Further, you must pass the content exam before we can recommend you for licensure.

You must pass the Teaching and Learning exam within your first three years as a professional teacher, however, we recommend you take that exam immediately after completing your coursework. The following links may prove helpful:

Professional Organizations

The organizations and websites listed on the attached page will prove helpful while you are in the education program and throughout your career.