Senior Portfolio Detailed

What is the portfolio?

The portfolio is a collection of Key Assignments that you will complete in your secondary education courses.

Why a portfolio?

The UVU School of Education must be able to document our claim to the State of Utah and to our national accrediting agencies that we are preparing successful beginning teachers. The portfolio demonstrates your preparation in meeting CAEP standards. Further, the process of compiling your portfolio gives you the opportunity to reflect upon your training prior to your student teaching.

When do I compile and submit my portfolio?

You will complete your Key Assignments during your courses and compile them onto a CD prior to student teaching. While you are student teaching, you will complete your final Key Assignments, and then submit the entire portfolio for licensure at the end of your student teaching experience. Note that all files must be in Microsoft Word or PDF format, unless specified.
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What if I lose a Key Assignment?

If you lose a Key Assignment, you will have to redo it. To protect against loss, save a hard copy of each Key Assignment, and save them in multiple places: email them to yourself, save them on a flash drive, and save them on multiple computers.

What are the Key Assignments, when will I complete them, and how do I organize them on the CD?

You will organize your Key Assignments into 6 Folders with the labels as designated below.

  1. Learning Environment Folder
    • Building Classroom Community Investigation Paper (EDSC4200 Management I)

      (Not required for dance majors.)

    • Management Case Studies (EDSC4250 Management II)
  2. Instruction/Planning Folder
    • Theory into Practice Response Paper (EDSC3000 Educational Psychology)
    • Digital Story (EDSC3250 Instructional Media)
    • Content Area Methods Lessons/Unit Plan (Content area methods course)
  3. Assessment Folder
    • Differentiated Reading/Writing Assignment (EDSC4440 Content Area Literacy)

      (Not required for English majors.)

    • Backwards Design Unit Plan (EDSC4550 Secondary Curriculum, Instruction and Assessment)
    • Assessment Inventory (EDSC3000 Educational Psychology)
  4. Reflection Folder
    • Cross-cultural Comparison (EDSC4450 Multicultural Instruction and ESL)
    • Portfolio Reflections (EDSC4250 Management II)
  5. Professionalism Folder
    • Professional Learning Community paper (EDSC3050 Foundations)
  6. Senior Project Folder
    • Senior Project (completed during student teaching)

Can I get a Key Assignment waived?

If you do not have one of the key assignments listed you must submit in its place an MS Word document explaining why the key assignment needs to be waived. Reasons an assignment would be waived include:

  • It was not required when you entered the program
  • Your major does not require you to take the course where the assignment was given
  • You transferred from another institution and so were not required to take the course
Waiver should include:
  • Your name
  • Key assignment name
  • Semester you started in the secondary education program
  • Why you didn’t complete the key assignment. (See acceptable reasons listed above.)