Student Teaching

The mission of the School of Education at UVU is to empower candidates to become ethical, knowledgeable, prepared individuals who can assume the role of teacher in elementary and secondary schools as well as prepare them for further career choices and advancement. Student teaching allows students in UVU’s Special Education program the opportunity to practice what has been learned on the university campus and continue academic and professional growth.

UVU Special Education student teachers are placed in a variety of locations and K-12 grade levels. These schools are carefully chosen to ensure the success of our students. Students may not solicit schools and/or principals for possible student teaching and/or internship placement. Student teaching and/or intern placements and selection will be determined by the partnership district and the Elementary Education Selection and Retention Committee.

Student teachers will have opportunities to develop leadership skills working with students in a variety of settings, including before- and after-school enrichment classes and performance activities. Student teachers are encouraged to get the feel of the "school climate" by attending or helping to supervise extracurricular activities and non-classroom activities. For example, students will have the opportunities to observe the administration of a psycho-educational test of Cognitive and Achievement abilities, attend Individual Education Plan (IEP), Teacher Assistant Team (TAT), 504, Response to Intervention, or Pre-referral Team meetings,

A few guidelines for student teachers:

  • Completed Praxis II: Special Education Core Content Knowledge Exam before student teaching (see for state requirement test number)
  • All program classes must be completed before student teaching
  • All Special Education course work must be completed with a B- or higher prior to student teaching
  • Classroom Management II course are taken during the student teaching semester
  • Students may not solicit schools for student teaching placements
  • Students must present student teaching license before student teaching begins

Student Teaching/Field Experience Timeline for Students

Student Teaching/Field Experience Timeline for Cooperating Teacher/Intern Coaches

Student Teaching Forms