Brian MacKay, Department Chair

Brian MacKayBrian MacKay has been in the field of second language training for more than 35 years. He has taught German, English as a second and foreign language, and linguistics courses at several universities and colleges including the University of California at Davis, Southeastern University in Washington, D.C., Montgomery College in Maryland, Rockford College in Illinois, BYU, and UVU. Brian has also been involved in ELL program management in several parts of the US and overseas. He has presented numerous workshops and papers at many conferences. Although born in Salt Lake City, he has lived and worked in many states and has traveled to many countries. Brian is married to his beautiful wife, Shiona, and has three children and nine grandchildren. He loves skiing, hiking, fishing, and being with his family.

Office: LA 209d
Phone: 801.863.8272
Email: brian.mackay@uvu.edu

Appointment : https://appointments.uvu.edu/brianmackay


Full-Time Faculty

Jim Petterson, Professor

Jim PetterssonHas a PhD in Adult and Postsecondary Education for the University of Wyoming, an M.A. from BYU in TESL with a focus on teaching and program administration, and a B.A. from the University of Utah. He has taught ESL for twenty-nine years at universities in the United States. In his free time, he enjoys fishing, camping, hiking, attending plays and other cultural events, and being involved in community and civic activities.

Office: LA 209b
Phone: 801.863.8721
Email: petterji@uvu.edu



Kevin Eyraud, Associate Professor

Kevin EyraudHas taught English as a Second Language in university settings since 1996. He has taught in Mexico, Egypt, China, Arizona, New York, and Utah. He is nearing completion of a Ph.D. at the University of Utah. Kevin is an avid fly fisherman and spends summers fishing and running rivers. His hobbies include reading, tying flies, listening to music, and watching movies.

Office: LA 012g
Phone: 801.863.7091
Email: kevin.eyraud@uvu.edu


Heidi Condie, Associate Professor

Heidi CondieCoordinates the English Conversation Club. She received a BA in German Literature and International Relations, and an MA in TESOL from BYU. She has taught at UVU for more than 10 years. She has also taught ESL at BYU, at the U of U, SLCC and other schools. She has also worked as a teacher/trainer in China.

Office: LA 221K
Phone: 801.863.8274
Email: condiehe@uvu.edu




Brooke Bailey, Lecturer

Brooke BaileyIs originally from St. Louis, Missouri. She has a B.A. in Linguistics from BYU with an emphasis in TESOL and Deaf Communications. She also has a Graduate TESOL Certificate from BYU. She started teaching ESL in 2000 and has taught at UVU, BYU, Nomen Global, and the MTC over the past several years. Brooke is also an American Sign Language Interpreter for the Deaf. In her free time, she enjoys exercising, playing sports, photography, music, playing the guitar, traveling, and cooking.

Office: LA 012j 
Phone: 801.863.6348
Email: Brooke.Bailey@uvu.edu



Amy Barlow, Lecturer

Amy Barlow    Amy is from Illinois but claims Dallas-Fort Worth area of Texas as home. She received her BA in Spanish and a MA in TESOL both acquired from BYU.  She is an Oral        Proficiency Interview Tester of English through the American Council of the Teaching of Foreign Languages Certification Program. She has been teaching and working      in other areas of TESOL, such as curriculum development, assessment, teacher training, and student life, since 2008. She is also a very experienced scholar and has        worked as a program skill area supervisor for three years. She enjoys spending time with her family and friends, going to the theater, watching movies, making jewelry,      and glamping (glamorous camping).

   Office: LA012h

   Email: Abarlow@uvu.edu 



Adjunct Faculty

Richard Aslett

Richard AslettHas developed university level ESL methods classes for teachers at UVU and BYU. He became a National Board Certified Teacher in 2000 with a specialty in Early Adolescent/Middle Childhood - English as a New Language. Richard has a doctorate in elementary education/reading emphasis from BYU and is currently employed full time in the Salt Lake City School District as a reading specialist.

Email: Richard.Aslett@uvu.edu



David Christiansen

David ChristiansenDavid Christiansen was born in St. Anthony, Idaho in 1970 and worked in agriculture as a youth. When he was 19, he went to Brazil for two years performing church service. He attended college and graduated from BYU with a Bachelor's degree in Spanish Teaching and then a Master's degree in English Linguistics (TESL). He taught English in Japan at Shokei University for three years, then taught English at an international high school in London for a year. He returned to the United States to pursue his Doctorate's degree and graduated from Idaho State University in 2007 with an Ed.D in Educational Leadership. His emphasis was in Instructional Design and Technology.  More recently, he worked as a Spanish and English curriculum writer and designer at Pearson for six years, then as an instructional designer at Allen Communication for two years. Currently, he is an instructional designer at eLearning Brothers and he teaches ESL part-time at Utah Valley University and BYU.

Email: 10557110@my.uvu.edu


Tatyanna Felt

Tatyanna FeltGraduated from BYU with a BA in International Relations and a minor in Italian. Received her TESOL Certificate from BYU in 2003. Taught English as a Second Language at BYU, Russian University of Modern Education, and private school in Moscow. She enjoys teaching English, getting to know people from different cultures, teaching Zumba, reading, and cooking with her friends.

Email: TatyanaF@uvu.edu


Tim Hall

Tim HallCoordinates the Community Education courses for resident ESL students at the main UVU campus in Orem. He received his Masters Degree in TESL from Brigham Young University and has taught ESL, French, and German for over 30 years in England, France, Germany, and the United States. He has also worked for a software company that developed ESL multimedia programs that are used throughout the world. He enjoys cycling, skiing, playing racquetball, and traveling to foreign countries.

Email: thall@uvu.edu


Alia Herrod

Alia HerrodHas a MA in Education and TESL and Utah teaching license with TESL and Russian endorsements. She has taught English and Russian in public and private schools in Ukraine and Utah. She also worked as a writer, translator, language consultant and voice talent for various private businesses. Her interests include literature, current politics, sports, and anything related to healthy lifestyle. She loves to learn new things and hopes to learn from and with her students every day.

Email: aherrod@uvu.edu


Sherie Kwok

Sherie KwokIs originally from California, but now resides in Utah with her husband and son. She received a Bachelor’s degree in TESOL from BYU-Hawaii and is currently working on her Master’s degree at BYU. She has been teaching English since 2011 and has taught at various schools throughout Hawaii and Utah. She loves working with people from different cultural backgrounds, spending time with family, traveling, and trying new foods.

Email: Sherie.Kwok@uvu.edu


Kiri Manookin

Kiri ManookinKiri has lived in and/or traveled to 13 countries and counting, has taught English for over 11 years in Taiwan, Ecuador, Switzerland, and the US, and has worked with students from over 40 countries. She received a Bachelor of Science from Brigham Young University, a CELTA from International House Barcelona in Spain, and a Master of Education from Concordia University-Portland. In addition to teaching, she has coordinated tutoring programs, trained ESL teachers, served as dorm head, led student weekend trips to Venice and Florence, and worked on program development. Here at UVU, Kiri mainly teaches Level 4 writing and leads a Wilderness Writing Workshop as part of the class trip to Capitol Reef National Park. Later, she turns student essays written at Capitol Reef into a beautiful printed and bound booklet. Fluent in Spanish, Kiri has also studied French, Italian, Chinese, and Farsi, and hopes to become fluent in all of them. Since changing careers several years ago--from working professionally as a tailor to becoming a language teacher--she has never looked back. The best (and most valued) compliment ever given her by a student: Kiri is "a true educator." She loves music, dancing, reading, writing, singing, designing and sewing, photography, music therapy, taking long walks, getting lost in unfamiliar cities, snorkeling and beaches, yoga, cooking and hosting dinner parties, being around really kind and intelligent and creative people, cafes, Sufi poets, rainbows, dirt, humanitarianism, woodworking and power tools. In addition to continually striving to be an excellent teacher, she still dreams of being a rock star, a mom, a famous author, and CEO of her own company. Kiri is from Utah and is very happy to be teaching at UVU.    

Email: Kiri.Manookin@uvu.edu


Rachel Messenger

Rachel Messengeris originally from Washington state, but now resides in Provo, Utah with her husband and daughter. She received a Bachelor's degree in Linguistics from BYU, with focuses in Spanish, Chinese, and TESOL(Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages). She has been teaching ESL for 6 years, including in places like Cambodia, Taiwan, and the Missionary Training Center in Provo. She loves working with people of different cultural backgrounds and has lived in Europe, Asia, and the Middle East. Her hobbies include Latin dancing, yoga, trying new foods, and traveling.

Email: Rachel.Messenger@uvu.edu



Oralyn Moran

Oralyn MoranChildhood was spent in New Mexico, and later in Kaysville, Utah. She attended Brigham Young University where she graduated, prepared to teach English as a first language. After spending a year and a half in Colombia, South America, she moved to Phoenix, Arizona where she started teaching English as a Second Language to adults who needed it t in order to find employment. She realized that she loved ESL so much that she wanted to get a degree in it. She returned to Brigham Young University and received her master’s degree in TESL. During her graduate studies she did internships, helping to create and publish textbooks for the English Language Center. She continued this project full time for years after graduating. Later she worked for BYU Independent Study, teaching the professors how to write good courses. She has happily returned to teaching ESL and is excited to work with UVU students

Email: OraLyn.Moran@uvu.edu



Sallie Poet

Sallie PoetHas a BA in Art and she has a MA in English from California State East Bay. She recently (2010) received an MFA in Studio Art from BYU. She has taught English in France and Japan, and at many colleges in California. She has four children and she enjoys painting and traveling.

Email: Sallie.Poet@uvu.edu


Lydia Ripplinger

Lydia RipplingerWas born and raised in Utah. She completed her BA in Linguistics and TESOL at Brigham Young University, and she is currently studying in BYU's TESOL MA program. Lydia anticipates graduating in the spring of 2012. She is filled with happiness knowing I am able to share with them a skill that can ultimately improve the quality of life they lead.

Email: 10642633@uvu.edu




Maddie Quayle Scott

Maddie Quayle ScottHas been teaching ESL for more than 13 years in places such as Utah, Atlanta, GA and Istanbul, Turkey. She loves languages and culture, but her favorite part of teaching is the students.

Email: quaylema@uvu.edu




Heather Shelley

Heather ShelleyHeather holds an AA in General Performing Arts, a BA in English, an MA in Language Acquisition and Teaching and Arabic, and a graduate certificate in TESOL. She has taught ESL and Arabic fro over 4 years now. her own language learning includes: Spanish, Italian, French, Russian, Chinese (Cantonese), and Arabic. She has lived in 5 different countries and would love to add more to the list. In her free time, she likes sports, musical theater, gardening, and being with her husband and three boys. 

Email: Heather.Shelley@uvu.edu




Nancy Turley

Nancy TurleyLove of language has propelled her through an undergraduate (BYU), Masters (ASU), and just recently, PhD program at Arizona State University where she graduated in Linguistics. Rasing seven children with her husband, Wayne, has also taken a large share of her time. She taught composition at BYU and ASU before earning her doctorate, and linguistics at BYU, and ESL and composition classes at UVU since. Collectively, her family has been all over the world, and Nancy has a great interest in cultures and the people that are part of them. She also enjoys being outdoors, sewing, and piano and choir. Teaching has been her dream and she is so happy to be able to teach at Utah Valley University!

Email: nancy.turley@uvu.edu


Johnny Zea

Jonny ZeaAfter completing his educational career, Johnny discovered his passion for new immigrant students and represented the ELS Corporation as a worldwide student recruiter. While in Oklahoma City, the Oklahoma City Public Schools offered him the challenge of creating the first newcomer program for immigrant students and their parents in the district and the state. Johnny has been active in the field of ESL for over 20 years. Prior to moving back to Utah, he was the Director of Language & Cultural Services for the Oklahoma City Public Schools. Johnny lives in Orem, Utah with his wife and 6 children. He loves to read non-fiction books. He enjoys meeting people from around the world and learning their cultures and languages.

Email: LZea@uvu.edu