Pizza & Party Games

This past Summer Semester we had an activity where our students got to gather together, eat pizza, and play some fun games including, Twister, Pit, Jenga, Uno, and Apples to Apples. This activity provided opportunities for our ELL Students to meet each other, make new friends, and work on some speaking skills. 

In some of the games, such as pit, they had to speak quickly to one another so they could win the game. They had to trade cards with other students around the table to get the resource that they were looking for. This provided an opportunity for them to practice their speaking skills. They needed to communicate with each other to win. If they did not speak then they could not trade cards. 

In other games, such as Apples to Apples, they learned new vocabulary. Apples to Apples was a great opportunity for them to find new adjectives and read about what they meant. This game helped broaden there vocabulary of the English Language. 

Overall we had a wonderful night with fun people and exciting games. 

Thank you for all that attended and we hope to have all the students at the next activity!