Why Study English at Capitol Reef?

The more advanced levels of instruction of the ELL Program is specifically designed to prepare students for entry into general education courses and the students' preferred major studies. Thus, the Capitol Reef Excursion Course and corresponding visit to the Field Station is meant to satisfy the mission statement of the ELL Program "...to assist our students to understand and successfully use academic English at an American university." The Capitol Reef Excursion accomplishes this by engaging with academic content and assignments through the unique learning context of Capitol Reef National Park and the Field Station. This provides a real world situation in which to realistically engage with academic and cultural content, concepts, and assignments, thereby fostering the creation of autonomous and curious English-Language learners.

Course Information

Experience the World

  1. Hike through the incredible mountainous scenery of Utah
  2. Reconnect with nature
  3. Possible visits to the Great Salt Lake & Stansbury Island and the Utah Museum of Natural History
  4. Visit Capitol Reef National Park for three to five days.

Unique Advantages

  1. Useful contextualized formal language instruction.
  2. Expose students to expectations of higher education and professionalism.
  3. Expose students to the ebb and flow of academic life.
  4. Gain college credit that satisfies requirement for graduation.
  5. Work hard and earn a good GPA.
  6. Earn credit for preferential registration for structured learning.

Wilderness Writing Workshop

The Wilderness Writing Workshop (WWW) is the opportunity for students to reflect in the peace and quiet of nature and respond to an assigned writing prompt.

The Wilderness Writing Workshop is real application of acquired English writing ability in a place that stimulates creativity.


The Capitol Reef Excursion costs about $25.00 per day.

That cost includes the following:

  • Travel: The van/shuttle will transport you to and from the Capitol Reef Field Station
  • Lodging: Staying at the Field Station
  • Food: You will have 3 meals per day while at the Capitol Reef Field Station
  • Activities: Entrance into the Capitol Reef National Park and hikes in the park