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Credit Hours Tuition Student Fees Total
1 Credit $143.89 $19.83 $163.72
5 Credits $719.45 $99.15 $818.60
10 Credits $1,438.90 $198.30 $1,637.20
14 Credits $2,014.46 $277.62 $2,292.08

18 Credits (Full time)

$2,590.02 $356.94 $2,946.96
*19 Credits $2,733.91 $376.77 $3,110.68

*One-credit Pronunciation class optional/not required

All tuition and fees are payable at the time of registration. Tuition and fees are subject to change without notice.
*International students will also need to pay an additional international student fee of $40 to International Student Services.

Please note that international student must take a full-load of 18 credits to stay in status.

Student Financial Responsibility

Failure to meet financial commitments and/or obligations to UVU will result in a "hold" being placed on the student's record. Registration for future terms and transcripts will not be available until the obligation is cleared.

Additional Information

Admissions Fee

Residents/Citizens: $35.00
International Students: $115.00

Tuition Late Fee

Regardless of circumstances, students who did not register and pay tuition according to the registration schedule, will be classified as late registrants and assessed the late fee.

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Estimated Additional Cost (Intl Students)

Room, board, books, supplies and misc: $5,150.00 per semester
Do not send money for the additional costs.
Note: For Express Mailing of Form I-20 it is recommended that you include $60.00 at time of application (Included on Application Fee).

Health Insurance

Although Utah Valley University and the Intensive English Program do not require that students purchase or have health insurance coverage, it is strongly recommended that you arrange to have an appropriate health insurance plan. Medical expenses in the United States can be very high. Consequently, to avoid spending large amounts of money on health related expenses, which may result in your having insufficient financial resources to pay your tuition and fees, purchase your required textbooks, and meet living expenses such as rent, utilities, food and other personal expenses, the Intensive English Program administration strongly encourages you to arrange for health insurance in your home country. If you do not have health insurance, the International Student Services Office may assist you with obtaining health insurance.

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Financial Aid


U.S. financial aid is generally not available for international students.


Students can qualify for federal financial aid to supplement the cost of tuition at UVU. We strongly recommend that you begin the financial aid application process as early as possible, in order to allow the necessary processing time.

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To learn more about financial aid visit the UVU Financial Aid webpage. You can also contact an advisor to assist you.

Educational Opportunity Center

We assist students with specific needs, including veterans, women, non-traditional, returning students, economically disadvantaged, disabled students, first-generation college students and first-generation college attendees. Our program helps students overcome barriers and helps boost their academic and economic competitiveness. We help students succeed!

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