Inclusion Efforts within the UVU Enactus Team

Inclusion is an Enactus priority

Inclusion. The practice of bringing us together. No matter who we are, where we come from, what hardships we face, or what goals we have, each of us deserves acceptance and love. Inclusion starts as a dream and emerges as reality only as we take an active approach to its fulfillment. This is what we aim to accomplish through Enactus.

Inclusion has emerged as a recent initiative at Utah Valley University in an effort to bring us closer together.  According to UVU’s mission page, the university is dedicated to open student admission, programs that integrate educational opportunities appropriate to both community colleges and universities, involvement of those who are often underrepresented, and the creation of an inviting, safe and supportive learning environment for students, staff and faculty, and all who step onto UVU’s campus.

Enactus is excited to join forces with UVU to promote inclusion not only within the organization, but also throughout the university and the world. At Enactus, we inspire inclusion throughout the world through both our local and global efforts. Supported by these goals are our recent projects: Project Provo aids refugees fromall walks of life; Projects Armenia, Sewing S.O.L.,  and others enable small businesses and entrepreneurs; Project Run On Provo empowers individuals with disabilities; and the list could go on and on. We strive for equal economic, educational, and social opportunities for men, women, and children all across the globe.

At UVU Enactus, everyone is welcome. We work with student, academic, and business leaders within the university as well as world wide to solve important issues and build last ingunity. We seek student volunteers from every university, major, and background because our individual experiences and ideas are invaluable. Not one person can provide the same insights and support as another.  We need you: an individual who will contribute a unique perspective and an open perspective to our mission. Inclusion is what will bring a broken world together.