Saige & Co

How Enactus helped Saige & Co durring COVID-19 Pandemic

In March 2020, Covid-19 hit the United States. Covid-19,and the fears and pains itbrought with it, turned our society from one thatlooked to help others into one where theindividuals had to help themselves. In this new world,those who were strained to begin withwere now teetering on the brink of collapse. Afterjust a couple of weeks of quarantine, everyoneacross the country began to see small businesses goingunder. Small businesses everywherebegan to call out for help. UVU Enactus was not immunefrom the pains and fears of Covid;however, we knew there were people that needed ourhelp more than ever.

We knew that our business and entrepreneur studentscould help small businesses. Theprinciples they were learning in class could be implementedand adjusted to fill the needs of thisstruggling population. With this knowledge and drivebacking us, we began reaching out throughour social media platforms to get more informationon the businesses in the area that needed ourhelp. Through this networking we found Saige & Co.

Saige & Co.’s owners Ben Park and his wife came upwith a maternity cover to helpmothers feel more comfortable breastfeeding theirchild in public, after struggling with this withher own newborn. They patented the design and foundedSaige & Co.. However, after justnegotiating a set supply chain and gaining some exposureto their company, Covid hit. Saige &Co.’s manufacturers were reassigned to make masks:completely halting all sales for this newbusiness.

This is where UVU Enactus stepped in, our team recommendedthe implementation of apre-order model to continue revenue generation duringthe crisis. Additionally, we created asocial media marketing plan to increase their reachto potential customers and partners. This planincluded an increase in ambassadors for the company.This allowed for a larger network as well as provide an income opportunity for mothers that might be struggling due to covid. UVUEnactus worked with Saige & Co. for two weeks. Inthis time, their website traffic increased byfour times, they gained nine new ambassadors, theygained over 1300 video impressions, andsales increased by four times
Covid-19 was a difficult time for everyone. However,UVU Enactus was able to make thebest of a bad situation by making an impact on thosewho needed it the most.