Enactus World Competition

UVU Enactus Team competing in Worlds 2021

Hello World! UVU’s Enactus Team was able to lead withfirst place this year for theEnactus United States Early Stage Competition withour Sewing S.O.L. project. After creating avideo for this project that was ranked high enoughfor us to be apart of the Q&A session, threemembers of our executive team: Kaitlyn Sorenson, CalebMoore, and Emily Browning, wereable to take us to the top and give us the highestranking. We will now be competing in the WorldCompetition from October 14th through the 21st.


This project that inspired it all is located in thePantanal in Mato Grosso Do Sol, Brazil. This beautiful area is home to people who live offthe land and catch and sell bait to tourists. Theriver of the Pantanal rises and stays too high forthe locals to have access to nearby cities manymonths of the year, resulting in them relying on touristson ferries for their income. Along withthis and the COVID-19 lockdown, these people are leftwith an unstable economy, causing muchof the younger population to leave to the cities tobe able to create income.

The women of the area have worked for many years andhave learned at the nearbyschool how to sew for the tourists who come through,but it has become difficult for them toconsistently work on these items because of the restrictionson time and money. That has becomethe motivation behind Sewing S.O.L. Bringing thesepeople solar energy and sewing machines,along with a training on businesses is the goal ofthe project and with microloans on the sewingmachines, we will continue to expand the project inthe future to other women in the area thatbecome interested.


The reason that we lead with the highest rankingin the United States and our goal withthis project is to assure that we meet multiple ofthe United Nations 17 sustainability goals, ours includingending poverty, promoting decent work, economic growth, and creating sustainablecities and communities. This way, we are able to assurethat these areas maintain their beauty andculture while still improving the quality of livingfor those in the area.