Chapter Leadership

Caleb Moore - President

A Junior from Moscow, Idaho, Caleb Moore has a love for people and a passion for potential. He is currently studying information systems and finance at UVU and loves being involved in everything he can be (though he considers Enactus his “main squad”). Besides his love of people, Caleb has a passion for music (he’s been playing piano for seven years) and an enthusiasm for the outdoors. If he’s not busy with one of his teams, he’s usually out in the mountains, on the lake, or in some city center hanging out with friends. As a member of Enactus, Caleb has been involved in various projects including Sewing S.O.L., Project Ghana, Project Provo, and Project Armenia. 


Caleb joined Enactus because of its focus on sustainable development. He says, “It doesn’t perpetuate harmful ideals about humanitarian outreach—and I can do amazing things with only a small weekly commitment! I love making a positive impact on the world, and Enactus is a great way to do that. Someday I hope to create an organization dedicated to similar sustainable outreach.” 


Caleb also explains that Enactus has had a significant impact on his life because of the lifelong connections he has made: “I love working with people who have a similar vision to me – it’s inspiring and powerful. I’ve received so much momentum from Enactus. I’ve had opportunities to connect with incredible people, and expand the horizons of my understanding. I also get to spend time with people who get it way more than I do, and learn from them!” 


As President of the Enactus team, Caleb hopes to use his role to uplift everyone around him, whether it be his executive team or any student who steps foot into an Enactus meeting. “I know that every student on my team has incredible potential, and I want to unlock it and set them up for success! These students are going to change the world way more than I could by myself, and I see it in their actions every time they show up for Enactus.” 

Emily Browning - Chief of Marketing

Emily Browning is a Senior at UVU from Morgan, Utah, studying information systems. Some of her hobbies include riding horses, playing violin, and being outside; her diverse experiences and passions are a valuable asset to the Enactus team. Having been on the Enactus executive team for over two years, Emily has been involved with many projects, but has focused on Utah Lake and Sewing S.O.L. 


As a member of Enactus, Emily loves the opportunity she has to come together with others to make a difference in the world. “One person can create a significant impact when they put their mind to it. However, having a whole team with the single goal of helping create a better world makes changing the world that much easier.” 


Making the world a better place helps the giver just as much as the recipient: as Emily says, “Enactus has changed my life in almost every way. It has given me an incredibly memorable college experience, the résumé boost needed to get my dream job, and great lifelong friends.” Emily hopes to use her position as Chief of Marketing to spread the word about the incredible things that Enactus is doing. “There is a place for everyone here,” and Emily wants everyone to have an opportunity to experience all that Enactus has to offer. 

Cesar Nunez - Chief Recruitment Officer

An eighteen-year-old Senior majoring in economics at UVU, Cesar Nunez, from Lima, Peru, is full of ambition. He considers himself an “adrenaline addict,” always willing to try out anything thrown at him. From mountain biking and dancing to starting his own business, Cesar truly is talented and motivated. His main involvement on the Enactus team has been Sewing S.O.L. 


Cesar carries his ambition into his work on the Enactus team. When Cesar first joined the team, he felt very welcomed and knew that he would be able to work with new friends to change lives and build memorable experiences. With his love for business, Cesar focuses on the impact that business has on every individual involved in the process. He says, “Enactus has allowed me to meet new people during the pandemic. It always bring me joy knowing that every week I will have at least one day to think about how to help others and make a difference.” 


As Chief Recruitment Officer, Cesar hopes to recruit the brightest minds that UVU has to offer. By connecting students with a great group of people that are willing to help others, UVU Enactus will promote positive experiences for its team members as it makes a difference in the world. 

Ashlyn Miller - Chief Financial Officer

Ashlyn Miller is a Junior at UVU majoring in Business Marketing and Management. She grew up in St. George, Utah, which helped to foster a love of the outdoors. She says, “you can find me hiking and enjoying the reservoirs and lakes in the summer and snowboarding and skiing in the winter.” Additionally, she plays the violin and piano with the hope to one day soon be able to play in the Broadway pit orchestra for Les Misérables or Phantom of the Opera. Her ambition and dedication have been invaluable to our Enactus team. Ashlyn joined UVU Enactus at the start of 2021 and has already been involved with both our Sewing S.O.L. project and Project Ghana.  


Ashlyn says that she joined Enactus so that she could contribute to providing a better world for others by helping them become self-sustaining. Despite only having been in Enactus a short time, she says that it has taught her many valuable skills.  “Enactus has provided many opportunities and experiences for me that I never would’ve come to on my own. However, the most rewarding experience for me is the time I get to spend with such amazing and talented people. I admire the hard work and dedication they put into this organization.” 


As the Chief Financial Officer, Ashlyn’s goal is to help our team raise the money needed to implement the amazing projects we are developing all around the world. She also wants to help increase our presence in our community so that everyone can know who we are and what we have to offer.  

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