Grants of Research for Engaged Educators and Novices (GREEN)

Though the grant is no longer offered you can see they types of projects that were supported below.

The purpose of the Grants of Research for Engaged Educators and Novices (GREEN) is to assist faculty, particularly junior faculty, on their track to tenure. GREEN incorporates research and the High-Impact Practices (HIP) to improve academic, student and community engagement. GREEN allows faculty (engaged educators) and students (novices) to collaborate and work on impactful projects and research. Faculty applying for tenure are expected to demonstrate competence in three areas: teaching, scholarly and/or creative work, and service. GREEN supports engaging curriculum and junior faculty’s competence in teaching by developing superior and innovative teaching techniques, course curriculum through the implementation of rigorous and effective techniques to promote learning, and promotes continuous improvement as a teacher. All junior faculty applying for tenure are expected to be engaged in academic discourse (scholarly & creative work and service) beyond the classroom to contribute to their respective field(s) of study. GREEN provides opportunities for junior faculty to develop competence in these two areas.

GREEN projects can last up to a year and are funded by the Department of Education, Title III grant. GREEN is aimed at assisting junior faculty on their track to tenure by heading projects for personal, department, student, and community development. Approved projects can be funded up to $30,000. This funding will be available for year 2019-2020. We are looking for innovative, highly academically engaging programs that have, or can demonstrate, a documented effect on junior faculty, students, university, and community. Although all proposals will be accepted and considered, funding will be targeted toward unique strategic objectives.

Department specifications outline the criteria for tenure-track and GREEN helps junior faculty in attaining tenure.

Submitted proposals should not be one-time academic engagement activities or excursions, but sustainable and long-term projects aimed at achieving a significant effect across multiple sections, programs, or student populations. All proposals will require a robust assessment plan to include reporting names and student ID numbers of every student who is participating to track student success. Proposals must include at least one faculty member and two students involved over the course of the project.

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