High Impact Engaged Learning Grant

Though the grant is no longer offered you can see the types of projects that were supported by this grant below.

The purpose of the HIELG projects was to leverage high-impact engaged learning academic practices aimed at improving student retention and completion. Funded by a Department of Education, Title III grant, projects aimed at improving student retention and/or completion that were funded up to $30,000 per year. Projects were  innovative, highly academically engaging programs that had, or demonstrated, a documented effect on student completion and success, and targeted towards UVU’s students’ needs. Funding was targeted toward unique strategic objectives. As an Institution, we have identified 18 most enrolled and most failed courses (See https://www.uvu.edu/iri/enrollment/failed.html). Proposals that target these courses were given greater consideration.

Submitted proposals were sustainable and long-term projects aimed at achieving a significant effect across multiple sections, programs, or student populations. The HIELG projects targeted sub-groups (women, students of color, first-generation, etc.) of students in programs, and/or courses with low retention and/or completion rates. The projects demonstrated they were meeting an academic retention/completion need and provided added value (above what we are doing now) as measured by student success and completion data. All proposals required a robust assessment plan to include reporting names and student ID numbers of every student who participated to track student success.

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