About the Office of Engaged Learning

The Office of Engaged Learning (OEL) promotes and supports the five pillars of academic engagement at UVU. OEL develops institutional strategies for engagement, facilitates innovative practices, and oversees a variety of initiatives and programs including Grants for Engaged Learning (GEL), Global Spotlight, High Impact Community Projects, and the DC Experience as a few examples. “Engaged” at UVU involves active and collaborative learning, which provides students the opportunity to connect their academic experience with their professional and civic lives.

OEL also coordinates the efforts of the Capitol Reef Field Station, Sponsored Programs and Institutional Review Board. Each one plays a vital role in the advancement of engaged opportunities for faculty, students, staff, and community partners.


Internship Services is the central location for organizing, promoting, and coordinating the internship process. Our mission is to support engaged learning and student success at Utah Valley University by developing exceptional internship opportunities, supporting student internship goals, managing the internship process, and offering comprehensive information and assessment to our academic and community partners. We provide reliable and extraordinary service to faculty, staff, students, and our community partners.

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McKay Isham
Interim, Director of Internship Services

Community Engagment


Jon Westover
Director of Academic Service Learning

Summer Valente
Director of Center for Social Impact

Our institutional commitment to community engagement is reflected in our university mission, our Carnegie classifications (since 2008 and reaffirmed in 2015), and our active participation in the Utah Campus Compact. Our understanding of community engagement has been developed in several areas of the university (Academic Affairs, Student Affairs, and University Relations) with a strategic objective to work with governmental, corporate, and civic partners in reciprocal and dynamic ways. The Office of Engaged Learning supports more than 170 service-learning designated courses (250 sections) offered each semester, impacting about 8,000 students each year.

Service Learning Volunteer GEL Grants

Global and Intercultural

The Office for Global Engagement assists faculty, students, and staff in developing and maintaining strong international and intercultural relationships; supports globally focused programs of study, service, and research; and creates strategic international partnerships with key institutions around the world. Global Engagement has four areas of concentration: Outbound International Programs, Inbound International Programs, International Internships and Domestic Multicultural Experiences.

The Global/Intercultural initiatives underscores UVU’s commitment to valuing global/intercultural opinions, backgrounds, traditions, perspective, and experiences. UVU recognizes that fostering an intercultural learning curriculum and an understanding of, and appreciation for, a variety of cultural perspectives and experiences is an essential element of higher education. We provide support for faculty and students, while offering a G/I distinction that recognizes student academic interaction with diverse ideas and people from a wide range of cultural backgrounds.

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Baldomero Lago
Chief International Officer - Vice Rector
Global Engagement

Bryan Waite
Global & Intercultural Engagement Program Director for Intercultural Academic Programming
Global Engagement

Undergraduate Research & Creative Works


Undergraduate Research & Creative Works

Utah Valley University believes that Undergraduate Research, Scholarship and Creative Activities (URSCA) are indeed the “pedagogy of the 21st century” and an increasingly important aspect of higher education. All students should have the opportunity to participate in inquiry-based learning, as broadly defined within their discipline. To this end, OEL offers programs and support for students' URSCA efforts including the Utah Conference on Undergraduate Research (UCUR) for students, the National Conference on Undergraduate Research (NCUR) for students, The D. Clark and Pam Turner Endowment for Engaged Learning in STEM Research Fellowships (TEELS), and the Presidential Award for Faculty Scholarly Activities. Furthermore, OEL believes that mentoring is a key component in students' URSCA success.

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Engaged Curriculum

The Office of Engaged Learning strongly believes students’ academic learning is facilitated by presenting content and methods within a real-world context. “Curricular Engagement describes the teaching, learning, and scholarship that engages faculty, students, and community in mutually beneficial and respectful collaboration” (Carnegie). To this end, OEL is working to provide assessment of curricular-engaged courses and supports faculty development toward engaged learning.

High Impact Engaged Learning Grants Grants of Research for Engaged Educators and Novices Undergraduate Research Summer Institute Grant


Ala'a Alsarhan
Director of Engaged Curriculum

Affiliate Opportunities

Capitol Reef Field Station

Capitol Reef Field Station (CRFS) is a center for education, research, and conservation located inside Capitol Reef National Park. UVU is one of only eight universities in the United States that operates a field station inside a national park. Through our unique partnership, we are able to facilitate a variety of academic activities linked to all five pillars of engaged learning.

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Michael T. Stevens
Director, Capitol Reef Field Station

Sponsored Programs

The Office of Sponsored Programs (OSP) facilitates an institutional climate of growth, innovation, and sustainability through ongoing development, acquisition, and oversight of grants and contracts from external private and public sources to enrich the scholarly and creative endeavors of faculty and students, and enhance the programs, services, and facilities of the institution.

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Curtis Pendleton
Senior Director of Sponsored Programs

Institutional Review Board

The IRB reviews and approves all research involving human subjects carried out by the faculty, staff, or students of UVU. They protect human participants against potential risks, educate the larger university community, and oversee compliance.

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Cyrill Slezak
Chair, Institutional Review Board