Resources for Students

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Are you looking for an internship that involves more than just photocopying and coffee runs? Our internship office develops and coordinates exceptional engaged learning opportunities that will immerse you in your area of interest.

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Global & Intercultural

Do you have a passion for bridging understanding between diverse communities? Work with our Global & Intercultural team to discover domestic and international opportunities that foster global relations and cross-cultural understanding.

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Community Engagement

If your future involves serving the community through a non-profit or foundation you consult with our Community Engagement team that place more than 8,000 students in more than 330 service learning opportunities each year.

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Engaged Curriculum

Are you in a class or major that you would like to experience an engaged learning opportunity in? Meet with our Engaged Curriculum office to learn how you can take your classroom work into the real world.

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Research & Creative

Do you have an innovative undergraduate research or creative project that you would like to work on? Work with this office to receive financial assistance to make your project a reality.

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Affiliate Opportunities

The Office of Engaged Learning also coordinates the efforts of the Capitol Reef Field Station, Sponsored Programs and Institution Review Board. Each one plays a vital roll in the advancement of engaged opportunities for faculty, students, staff and community partners.