Electrical and Computer Engineering Capstones


Faculty Mentor



Efficient and Smart Home

Dr. Afsaneh Minaie 

Design and prototype a Smart Home that addresses home security, comfort, and energy consumption. 

Tyler Allred
Ryan Waite

Motion Triggered Image Transmission Using SDRs 

Dr. Waseem Sheikh
Dr. Afsaneh Minaie

Design a motion detection algorithm in MATLAB to capture an image. Modulate and transmit the image data between two Adalm-Pluto Software Defined Radios. 

Curtis Hunt
Riley Crump

Anomaly and Crack Detection of Small Size Wind Turbine Blades via Deep Learning Architectures Using a High-Speed RGB Camera

Dr. Mohammad Shekaramiz
Dr. Mohammad Masoum 
Dr. Afsaneh Minaie

Design, implement, and test VGG19 and Capsule Network Deep Learning algorithms for wind turbine detection.

Cherif Seibi 
Bryson Hunt 

E-Bike Conversion Kit 

Dr. Afsaneh Minaie 

Design a conversion kit that turns a regular bike into an electric one. The project aims to provide a blueprint for affordable e-bikes and promote eco-friendly transportation. 

Hunter Migneault 
Tanner Lundgreen 

Drone Aided Path Finding Car 

Dr. Afsaneh Minaie 

Design and build a car that will solve and traverse a maze from an image provided by a drone using machine learning and computer vision. 

Jerry Barlow
Cory Campbell
Jared Barbre

FPGA Audio Synthesizer 

Dr. Afsaneh Minaie 

Design a digital/analog hybrid audio synthesizer. The synthesizer, named the Artix Wolverine, features five voice polyphony, one LFO, and includes a built-in video display.

Ethan Granucci
Ben Stockett

Automatic Pressure Advance Calibration Using Computer Vision 

Dr. Ehsan Rohani 

Development of HW/SW computer vision system for autotuning pressure advance for 3D printing by printing and scanning a calibration pattern.

Mike Abbott

Design a Controller to Stabilize and Control a Low-Cost DJI Drone in Windy Environments 

Dr. Mohammad Shekaramiz 

Designing a high-level command-based PID controller through Python for the Tello Edu drone to traverse to a desired location in a windy environment.  

Matthew Osborne 

Mechanical Engineering Capstones


ME Faculty Mentor



Fish Sorter

Brett Stone

Design and build an automated sytem to sort invasive species of fish from the Provo River Delta.

Todd Bement
Jaden Bond
Jordan Hunt
Tre Presson
Konnor Smart
Wyatt Thomas

Prosthetic Hand

Israd Jaafar

Design, analysis, fabrication, and testing of a novel advanced material hand prosthesis.

Serena Benish
Melanie Butts
Adam Dial
Shana Nicholls
John Patterson
Easton Smith