Advisement Frequently Asked Questions

Here you will find answers for commonly asked questions related to advising in the English & Literature department.

Q: What does an Academic Advisor do?

A: We assist students with their registration questions, graduation plans, course selection, department-specific career options, and much more. We are not experts in financial aid, applications, tuition, accessibility services, or student employment. However, we are happy to help you get in contact with experts in those areas.

Q: When do you (Dawn and Robbin) meet with students?

A: We meet with students throughout the calendar year. Typically we are available Monday - Friday, 9am - 4pm. During peak times, such as the beginning of the term, we will not schedule appointments and only take walk-ins. Appointments usually last half hour. Please come prepared with your UV ID number and questions about the program.

Q: Should I make an appointment with Dawn or Robbin?

A: Dawn advises all English and English Education majors whose last name begins with the letters A - K. Robbin advises all English and English Education majors whose last name begins with L - Z.

Q: What if I am out-of-state or I cannot make it to campus at that time?

A: If you are out-of-state you can schedule a phone appointment. If you cannot meet during our standard times, please contact us for other options.

Q: How can I make an appointment?

A: Option 1 - Go to the English & Literature front office (CB 407) and speak with one of the front office staff.
     Option 2 - Call the front office at 801.863.6292 or 801.863.8577.

Q: I have an appointment, but am running just a few minutes late, will that be a problem?

A: If you are running late please contact the English & Literature department so we know to expect you, however, if you will be 10 minutes (or more) late to your appointment we ask that you reschedule.

Q: Should I keep my appointment if I am ill?

A: If you are ill please stay at home and recuperate. We do not want to spread your cold nor catch it ourselves.

Q: Do you only take appointments?

A: Yes, we prefer students make appointments to ensure that we do not have a prior commitment.

Q: Do you only meet with English majors?

A: Generally, yes. If you are interested in becoming an English major call (or stop in) the front office to schedule an appointment with either Dawn or Robbin. If you have a general question about a course (such as do you qualify to take ENGL 1010), the front office staff can easily assist you with this and an appointment will not be necessary. If you are unsure, speak with someone in the front office - they can determine whether an appointment will be necessary.

Q: When and what are walk-ins?

A: Typically we have walk-ins during the beginning and end of term as well as during priority registration. Times and days are subject to change without prior notice. Please consult the front office for more information. We define walk-ins as "urgent only." This can include withdrawal exception, transfer credit evaluation (non-majors only), "on track" checkup (if planning for a future semester is involved, you will need to make an appointment), and registration problems. Walk-ins will only last 15 minutes per student. Should your question require a more in-depth answer, we will ask you to make an appointment.

Q: What are peak times?

A: We define peak times as being the beginning and end of the semester as well as priority registration.

Q: But I just have a quick question?

A: Please feel free to email, call, or stop by. We may inform you that an appointment is necessary to fully address your issue.

Q: Why do I always get your voice mail?

A: We do not answer the phone while meeting with students and the majority of our day is spent meeting with students. Please leave a detailed message including your full name, UV ID number, phone number and question. Be aware that it may take up to 24 hours for us to respond (48 during peak times and 72 during the weekend). You can always send an email if you prefer not to leave a message.

Q: I have a hold. Can't you just remove it?

A: Holds are placed on student records for a variety of reasons. Most of the time there is some action that must be taken for the hold to be removed. If you are a new student, we must meet (this can be over the phone if you are out-of-state) in order for the hold to be removed. If it is an Academic Standards hold, see for more information.

Q: I am having a problem with my professor, what can you do for me?

A: Our first response to these issues is usually "Have you spoken with him/her yet?" If you haven't spoken with your professor there is little we can do. If the issue cannot be resolved with the professor we can point you in the direction of on-campus resources. It is not our job to be your advocate in a dispute with a professor. If you feel you have been the victim of abuse by your professor we want to know about it immediately. Short of that you need to fight your own battles.

Q: Which class/professor is the easiest?

A: Please do not ask us this question. What is easy for one is not easy for another. We consider all our faculty to be equally difficult.