English Office FAQ's

Welcome to English & Literature. We're located in Liberal Arts Building (LA) 114 (check the map). The front office is staffed by Krista Peterson (863-8577). Jamie Holdaway is in LA 126.

Here are some common reasons people come and see us:

Help, I can't add an English 1010 / 2010 or 2020 class!

- Your high school tests (ACT or SAT) need to be on the system as well as any college transcripts you have transferred.

- To take an english composition class you must have at least a 19 in both English and Writing on the the ACT, or a 500 or better on the SAT.

- If you didn't take those tests, or scored too low, you can go to the Testing Center and take the Accuplacer assessment tests. You'll need to score at least a 65 in Reading and at least an 85 in Sentence Skills.

- You can also take the General Academic course ENGH 0990 for the English requirement. You'll need a C- or better to qualify for 1010.

I'm pretty sure my scores are correct; why won't the computer let me add 1010? It tells me I need a prerequisite.

You can stop by our office, LA 114, and speak to Krista, who can check your credentials.

What is the English & Literature waitlist policy?

For a full explanation, please see: English & Literature waitlist policy, but here are the basics:

- Classroom size for Composition classes is strictly limited to 23 students (20 for lab classes).

- Classroom size for Literature and Creative Writing classes is strictly limited to 25 students (20 for lab classes).

- The English & Literature department does not use Add Cards.

- Up until the end of the first week of a semester, you can only register for class through UVLink or get on a waitlist.

- After the first week no one will be allowed to into a ENGL course regardless of circumstance.

I need to drop my English class, but it's after the drop deadline.

After the drop deadline, students with documentation of "exceptional circumstances" will be allowed to drop classes by obtaining a stamp on your "Withdrawal Exception Form" (obtained from your specific academic advisor). If you are dropping ALL classes, including English classes, you will need to have the Chair's (for your major) signature. Otherwise, bring your documentation to the English department for examination.

Can you help me find my instructor?

- Every English & Literature teacher provides contact information on his/her syllabus distributed during the first week of classes.

- If your professor has an office at UVU, we can give you their office number, location and email address. You can also look up faculty contact information yourself here.

- You can leave items like papers and messages to teachers by dropping them in the drop box located just outside of LA 114. Make sure you put your name, your professor's name, and the class on the outside of the paper!

- If your instructor is an adjunct instructor (part-time) he or she might not have an office here, but you can leave a message or assignment with us and we will put it in his/her mail slot.

- We will not give out any number or address that the instructor hasn't put on the syllabus.

I need to leave a paper for my instructor.

There is a drop box in front of LA 114. Make SURE your name, your instructor's name, and the class you are in are on the front of the paper.

I have a complaint about my instructor; with whom do I speak?

Please read our complaint policy and follow the appropriate steps.

How do I find the English & Literature office?

We're part of the main UVU campus at:
800 West University Parkway
Orem, UT, 84058

The office is the Liberal Arts building (LA), in room 114 on the first floor. If you're on campus, the LA building is at the north end of the long hallway that runs from the Administration Building (BA), through the Hall of Flags, the Science building and the PE building. If you're driving to visit our offices, you can park in the free parking to the north of the McKay building or you can park in visitor parking just to the north of the LA building. You must visit Parking Services prior to parking in the visitor spaces north of the LA to obtain a visitor parking permit. Student parking, with a permit, is also available north of the LA building. Here is a campus map.

I lost my textbook / purse / cell phone / important item in an English class! Have you seen it?

As soon as something is turned in (that does not have contact information easily discernable on it), it is turned in to the Lost and Found, located at Campus Police in the Gunter Trades building (GT 331). Try checking the classroom to see if it's still there or check with your English & Literature instructor (whose contact information should be available on your class syllabus). You can also check with the teacher of the class that followed your class to see if someone in that class found the item.