• Project Proposal Slideshow
  • Structured Research Notes
  • Presenting Research Perspectives
  • Final Research Paper AND Companion Piece
  • Reflection Essay


PDF of Full Assignment Prompts



For this assignment, students formally propose to their instructor a semester research topic that specifies the exact topic, why it matters (to the student and to the world), what the student currently know about it, and how the student intends to complete the research. The proposal also sets a schedule for the work to be done.

Students will present their Project Proposals in the form of a slideshow.


This assignment, what scholars and researchers call an “annotated bibliography,” is a list of the most relevant and useful articles and sources on a student’s topic. This list includes eight sources, as well as detailed notes about each article in which students provide an accurate summary of the article and additional information about the type of research conducted, possible biases or limitations, the authors’ conclusions, the usefulness of the article, how it compares to the other articles/sources on the list of sources, and how the research will inform a student’s final paper. 


This assignment asks students to use the same topic they have already chosen for their research proposal and annotated bibliography to write an essay to a specific, popular audience of their choice with the main purpose of informing readers about the different views that exist on the issue. An additional Audience Justification Statement explains what audience students chose to target and identifies a few specific rhetorical choices students made that appeal to their readers.


This paper asks students to take a position on their topic and present it to an academic audience by supporting it with credible evidence. In this paper, students enter the academic conversation about their topic and propose an argument that includes “so what?” as they make a call to action based on the claims they make and the evidence they provide in their paper. In addition to the actual research paper, students also compose a Companion Piece that repurposes the paper’s argument (their position) in a different genre/medium for a different audience (a poster, slideshow/presentation, pamphlet, postcard, website, video, storify essay, or any other appropriate “text” of the student’s choice).


This essay offers students the opportunity to take a good look back at their writing during the semester and to evaluate it on their own terms. Students will carefully chronicle their learning and how this course has shaped their writing and thinking.