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Pre-Engineering Program Information

Engineering is an exciting major in terms of professional career opportunities, job satisfaction and compensation. Career options exist in many engineering fields including: Aerospace, Biological, Biomedical, Chemical, Civil, Computer, Electrical, Environmental, Irrigation, Manufacturing, Materials, Mechanical and Systems. The pre-engineering program at UVU has been created for students who plan to complete the first two to three years of their engineering education at UVU and then transfer to a baccalaureate university to complete their engineering degree. With adequate planning, pre-engineering coursework completed at UVU will transfer to all of the Utah universities with baccalaureate engineering degrees.

All students who declare pre-engineering as their major are automatically accepted into Pre-Engineering status. After completion of the pre-engineering program at UVU, the student applies for professional status at an institution of the student’s choice.

Students can choose from two degree plans.

    • The Associate in Pre-Engineering is comprised of those math, science, and engineering courses normally taken by first and second year students in a four-year program, along with a small number of general education courses.
    • If a student adds appropriate general education courses, an Associate of Science in Pre-Engineering may be obtained. This option normally takes longer, unless the student has advanced placement or concurrent enrollment from high school; however, it has the added benefit of possible waiving of general education requirements at the student’s follow-on school.

Pre-engineering programs will vary markedly from student to student depending on several factors including: high school preparation, engineering discipline of interest, and the intended four-year transfer school. The pre-engineering advisor will consider these factors when designing a program to fit the needs of each individual student. It is therefore important that pre-engineering students consult with the pre-engineering advisor concerning classes appropriate for their educational experience at UVU.

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