Mark is the Man with the Mustache

Mark Seastrand 

Mark is an executive that loves small to medium businesses. “There is an element of excitement about making all the pieces fit and work together to achieve success.” He is an MBA graduate from BYU with early career experience in the semi-conductor, polycrystalline diamond and electronic manufacturing industries.

He credits his early experience as the foundation to his startup success with Precision Assembly, Creating Keepsakes magazine and his work with Inspire Graphics and Big Picture Classes. Mark served on the Orem City Council and is currently the Director of the Entrepreneurship Institute at UVU helping students create their own success stories. 

Things Mark Can Help With:

  • Provide a better understanding of how to start and run a business.
  • Set short term goals, aligned with long term ones, with the plan to start your business.
  • Provide another perspective to better understand or validate the direction where you're going.
  • Provide a better idea of what needs to happen to start your business.
  • Offer someone for you to practice your presentation for.
  • Discuss your marketing strategy and pricing structure.
  • Validate your idea, and get advice on how to move forward.
  • Educate you about the entrepreneurship program at UVU and discuss some ways that we recommend covering and practicing financials.
  • Provide support, motivation, and resources.
  • Help you choose an action step to implement right away.
  • Provide some insight in where to find people to hire or a business partner(s).
  • Provide help setting up a marketing plan and get a general idea of when and how much to invest.
  • Provide clarity on the nexts steps you have to follow in your business.
  • Connect you with the right peopleadvisors, help, interns, and more.
  • Provide a better grasp of the process of turning your ideas into reality.
  • Provide help scaling/growing your business.
  • Provide guidance in developing a prototype.
  • Help you determine if your company should be profit or non-profit.


"[Mark] was very willing to take an hour out of his day and showed genuine interest in me as a person."

"Mark is supportive and encouraging. Had several ideas for whom to work with on next step in my particular process."


"I learned more from working with Mark Seastrand, Vance Gough, and Kevin Castle after hours than I did in any of my classes. Not to say class time wasn't valuable, it was but the extracurricular activities really drove the concepts home for me."

"Having people I can talk to to help me solve problems in business is a great support."

"UVU's Entrepreneurship Institute is more than just a school program. At my graduation my brother who has 4 masters degree from schools such as Cornell and Duke University couldn't stop talking about how impressed he was by the school and the program. I was willing to put in the work and UVU gave me the resources necessary to become a growing success."

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