Fall 2022 UVU Innovation Challenge - Rules and Registration



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The UVU Innovation Challenge is a campus-wide competition that asks individual students or teams of six or less students to find new solutions to real problems.  

Competing teams are asked to choose a specific problem for a specific target audience/customer. The teams will then need to ideate and validate a new and innovative solution for that audience/customer. The solutions MUST be completely new, unique, and inventive.  

Each semester, the UVU Innovation Challenge issues a specific constraint for that semester to focus students on combating a significant societal problem. For the Fall 2022 semester, that constraint is that all applicants must have at least 80% of their solutions be made from the types of materials that are currently being collected in recycling bins on the UVU campus.  

In order to compete, student teams will need to submit a 3-minute (or less) video that explains: 

  • Who their chosen audience/customer is 
  • What specific problem that audience/customer has that is being solved 
  • What the current solutions to that problem are
  • What their solution is, and how it is new, unique, creative and innovative
  • A prototype of the solution that shows the “minimal viable product” 
  • How their team tested/validated their solution with their chosen audience/customer
  • How that validation was chosen and how it provides reliable information
  • What are the specific ways that this solution’s impact can be measured, in comparison to existing solutions 

In addition to the 3-minute video, any and all assumptions that are being stated/made in the video need to have background research provided by means of a written document with all references.  

  • This may include customer/audience information, potential costs, impact measurements, pricing, intellectual property information.
  • Validation information and research. 

Deadlines and Deliverables for the competition:

  1. All competition team videos and Background research needs to be submitted by Friday, December 2, 2022
  2. Video files shall be in .mov or .mp4 format.
  3. Video files shall be less than 1 GB in file size. 
  4. Video files shall have resolution of at least 720p. 

Finalists will be chosen by UVU Entrepreneurship faculty and by the UVU Entrepreneurship Institute.  

The Finals of the Fall 2022 UVU Innovation Challenge will be held from 6 pm – 8 pm on Monday, December 5, 2022 at the Noel & Carrie Vallejo Auditorium in the Keller Building. Judges will be chosen by the Entrepreneurship Institute. Student teams will not be notified if they are finalists prior to the Finals event. After each Finalist team video is shown at the event, the student team who submitted the video will be asked to answer questions from the judges for 5 minutes. 

Cash prizes for the Fall 2022 Innovation Challenge are as follows: 

1st place: $500 

2nd place: $250 

3rd place: $100