VentureCon: UVU Student Business Trade Show

VentureCon Student Business Trade Show Is Going Virtual 

Come and See What UVU Student Businesses Have to Offer

Who can attend?

Anyone! If you're interested in seeing what kinds of things UVU Students and local women are making businesses for, stop by and check out the trade show. We'll have everything from clothing to apps to skincare products. 

What does it cost?

Nothing! This event is completely free. That is, unless you decide you want to buy something from one of the businesses. 

Why should I go?

If you like to shop, this is going to be a really fun way to see a wide variety of products made by students or to support local women-owned businesses. If you're interested in starting your own business, this is a great opportunity for you to get inspired. Finally, if you're interested in investing or getting involved with UVU student businesses, this will be a great way to connect with the proprietors.

When is it?

Friday, March 26th, 2021 from 10 AM to 2 PM

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Where is it?

The virtual venue at

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Display Your Business and Sell Your Product

Who: UVU students, UVU alumnus, or women (with the We LIFT program) who own their own business.

What: You will be given your own virtual booth to post digital flyers, links to your products and services, contact info, social media links, videos, and more. You can also use this event to present your business idea and gauge interest. Attendees can join your channel and even video chat with you directly.

When: Friday, March 26th, 2021 - 10 AM - 2 PM

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Why: We want to give UVU student businesses and women-owned businesses the opportunity to sell their products to their fellow students, or to validate their business idea by presenting it to their peers.

This event is free and will cost nothing but your time!

Contact Meagan Sanders at or (801) 863-5354 with any questions.

speaker at a table 


How will it work?

Each business will be given their own virtual "booth". They look like this:

Virtual "booth" for the Entrepreneurship Institute at VentureCon with Meagan avatar and a glowing yellow document..

You are not required to be present for the full 4 hours. You can also set up your booth in advance of the event by working with Meagan Sanders.

You can check out the space/venue here: and get used to the platform.

Gather offers a number of interactive objects to help customize your booth.


Basic Interactive Objects

Embedded Image - Upload an image (.png, .jpeg, .gif) to display inside a Gather iframe.
Note Object - Display typed text or provide text links for users to open in a new window.


Advanced Interactive Objects

Embedded Video - link to any embeddable video or live stream to display inside a Gather iframe.
Embedded Website - link to any embeddable website to display inside a Gather iframe.
External Call / Zoom Call Integration - link to an external call (Zoom, Webex, Teams, etc.). Call will open in new window and auto-mute your Gather browser tab.


I would recommend a note object to include hours if you won't be able to attend the full event (all you have to do is tell me the hours you'll be available). You can send me your logo if you'd like to have that on the backdrop of the booth. A video pitch or other video can be displayed on a TV at your booth, or you can have a document or laptop with your website or other kind of embedded information--maybe a Google form for validation surveying or for a giveaway.


You'll be able to virtually video chat with anyone who enters your booth space, but you can also create an external call if you'd like to use another program for talking with visitors to your booth or if you'd like more privacy.


Are you a current or past UVU student with a business? OR are you a woman running your own business?

Sign up for a booth at VentureCon below! 



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Promote Your Business

Apply for a table at VentureCon and expose your business to hundreds of other UVU students.
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Validate Your Idea

Find out if your business has traction by putting it to the test in the real world. Find out if anyone wants what you're offering!

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Sell Your Product

Set up to sell your product to hundreds of curious UVU students and find out just how desirable your product is.