VentureCon: UVU Student Business Trade Show

VentureCon March 27 2019 10am to 2pm Hall of Flags

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Come and See What UVU Student Businesses Have to Offer

Who can attend?

Anyone! If you're interested in seeing what kinds of things UVU Students are making businesses for, stop by and check out the trade show. We'll have everything from clothing to apps to skin care products. 

What does it cost?

Nothing! This event is completely free. That is, unless you decide you want to buy something from one of the student businesses. Bring a little cash just in case you see something great.

Why should I go?

If you like to shop, this is going to be a really fun way to see a wide variety of products made by students. If you're interested in starting your own business, this is a great opportunity for you to get inspired. Finally, if you're interested in investing or getting involved with UVU student businesses, this will be a great way to connect with the proprietors.

When is it?

Wednesday, March 27th, 2019 from 10 AM to 2 PM

Where is it?

The Hall of Flags, UVU Main Campus

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November 1 Student Businesses 

Side Coach Logo


An innovative platform that brings together athletes and coaches from around the world. Get access to personalized coaching videos for an affordable price, and get paid to teach what you love!

Owner: Grant LaMont






Jerry Can Supply Logo

Jerry Can Supply

Jerry Can Supply is much more than just a brand. We pride ourselves in helping those who enjoy the speed and the thrill of racing continue to have that mindset throughout the week. So whether you are working your 9-5 or taking laps at the track, you always stay connected to your passion. That's why Jerry Can Supply's motto is Fuel for Life.

Owner: Zachary Willardsen





Noelle Cards Logo

Noelle Cards

In 2015, A stressed-out, struggling college student with Asperger’s Syndrome found the hobby of card making.

In 2016, the hobby turned into a therapeutic tool and a passion to cope with the crazy world called life. In 2017, the name “Noelle Cards” was created, the logo was designed, the Facebook Page set-up, and a small student business was born.

Today, still a small student business and therapeutic tool, is now, what one could say, a hobby with benefits :) More unique, new, handmade cards are made weekly, if not daily.

All the money goes to support my continuation of education. My decided major is Deaf Studies with a minor in Autism Studies.

Thank you to all who have supported me to this point of my life and my future.

Owner: Rachel Leonard



Imperium Threads Logo

Imperium Threads

We're just two fresh out of high-school students with an idea—and the passion and work ethic to make it happen. We started the Imperium brand in May 2018 to explore the apparel industry and make a product people will love. 

Owner: Tyler Fleischman and Carson Dillon




 Fish Kiss Co

Fish Kiss Fish Spa

Come kiss with us! Come experience the most unique spa while tiny doctor fish naturally exfoliate your feet!

Owner: Jameson Tanner



Instagram: Logo


Ultra Unique Gigs. Super Local Services.

Owner: Derek Shumway


 Cause Wear Logo

Cause Wear

Owner: Tucker Hunsaker

After struggling to find stylish and conservative hats I decided to bring my new vision of fashion to life through Cause Wear. These hats not only look and feel great, but are meant to express your interests, background, and whatever else you want to wear to tell your story.





 Honovi Logo


Owner: Jessica Wiarda

Indigenous Hopi designs by a biracial woman. Exploring my white and Hopi identity through illustration. My rez and suburban life.



 Dronar Logo


Owner: Trello Prince

Dronar is a company based out of the utah valley that combines the luxury of real estate with the world of cinematography.





Peace4Designs Logo


I am an Artist in Utah and I love to paint/draw. 

Owner: Mariah White




Food Image

Wasatch Event Services

We give you a day-of-event team who is your extra set of hands. We can help with picking up and dropping off rentals, setting up, serving/restocking food and taking down- so that you don't have to. 

Owner: Reuben Holdaway




Blue and White Collar Logo

Blue and White Collar

Owner: Ben Perkins

We set out to revolutionize the dress shirt. While staying true to the traditional and timeless design of the dress shirt, we have reinvented it with performance materials. With a fabric similar to that seen on Nike or Under Armour products, our performance dress shirts are breathable, moisture wicking, ultra-stretchy, machine washable, and incredibly comfortable.

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Display Your Business and Sell Your Product

Who: Full and Part Time UVU students who own their own business

What: Set up a table to present your business idea and gauge interest, or if you're selling product, to sell to your fellow students

When: Thursday, November 1, 2018 - 10 AM - 2 PM

Where: The Hall of Flags, UVU Main Campus

Why: We want to give UVU student businesses the opportunity to sell their products to their fellow students, or to validate their business idea by presenting it to their peers.

This event is free and will cost nothing but your time!

Contact Meagan Sanders at or (801) 863-5354 with any questions.

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Promote Your Business

Apply for a table at VentureCon and expose your business to hundreds of other UVU students.

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Validate Your Idea

Find out if your business has traction by putting it to the test in the real world. Find out if anyone wants what you're offering!

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Sell Your Product

Set up to sell your product to hundreds of curious UVU students and find out just how desirable your product is.

Are you a UVU student with a business? Sign up for a table at VentureCon below.

Sign Up for a Table at VentureCon