VentureCon: Student Business Trade Show | Hall of Flags | March 1 | 10-2 PM

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VentureCon: UVU Student Business Trade Show

Come and See What UVU Student Businesses Have to Offer

Who can attend?

Anyone! If you're interested in seeing what kinds of things UVU Students are making businesses for, stop by and check out the trade show. We'll have everything from clothing to apps to skin care products. 

What does it cost?

Nothing! This event is completely free. That is, unless you decide you want to buy something from one of the student businesses. Bring a little cash just in case you see something great.

Why should I go?

If you like to shop, this is going to be a really fun way to see a wide variety of products made by students. If you're interested in starting your own business, this is a great opportunity for you to get inspired. Finally, if you're interested in investing or getting involved with UVU student businesses, this will be a great way to connect with the proprietors.

When is it?

Thursday, March 1st, 2018 from 10 AM to 2 PM

Where is it?

The Hall of Flags, UVU Main Campus

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Companies to See at Spring 2017 VentureCon:


BasicallYours Logo

Owner: Cameron Stack 

We are organic bath and body lifestyle product company with a social mission to always be getting back to earth and create a sustainable way of life for those around us.

All of our products are organic, non-gmo cruelty free, fair trade, eco-friendly, infused with essential oils and handmade in small batches with the purest ingredients in the world, some of the products include are full-featured line of long-lasting deodorants from unscented to lavender and citrus to our luxury line, that includes a rose scented deodorant and many more products such as Activated Charcoal Toothpaste, Dryer Balls, Himalayan Salt Candlestick Holder/Diffusers, Facials Sprays, Mists, Scrubs, Mask and Many More Products.







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AB Pest Control and Lawn Service

 AB Pest Control and Lawn Service Logo

Owner: Jacob Wagner, Quincy Adams

Pest control doesn’t need much explanation. You have bugs. We eliminate them. We use the safest products and best techniques in the industry. At AB Pest Control Utah, our methods work. Guaranteed.

Our Utah lawn care program is designed specifically for the Utah climate to keep your lawn fresh and green.


Graham Canyon S'more Co.

Graham Canyon S'more Logo
Owner's name: Zack Seipert
We are a gourmet s'mores catering business that takes pride in our unique spin on the original campfire dessert.

Blue and White Collar, LLC

Blue and White Collar Logo

Owner: Benjamin Perkins

We set out to revolutionize the dress shirt. While staying true to the traditional and timeless design of the dress shirt, we have reinvented it with performance materials. With a fabric similar to that seen on Nike or Under Armour products, our performance dress shirts are breathable, moisture wicking, ultra-stretchy, machine washable, and incredibly comfortable. 


Mighty Planner

Mighty Planners Logo

Owner: Blake Oakey

Minimalist planners for mental health and personal wellness. With the surge in suicides and mental illness rates in Utah, a planner that emphasizes gratitude, weekly focuses, mental health trackers, and “mighty moments”.



Run On Logo

Owner: Mack Bawden

Our mission is to connect these individuals with runners who can push them in races. This gives individuals in wheelchairs the opportunity to get out of their houses, experience competition, and become more fully integrated into their communities.





Sensational Smooches

Sensational Smooches

Owner: Monica Anderson

Summary: Senegence Intl. creates high quality anti-aging skin care products and cosmetics that have 18 hour lasting wear. My personal section of the business is called Sensational Smooches.


Happy Valet Garbage Services

Happy Valley Garbage Services Logo

Owner's names: Colton Wood, Shaelynn Wood

Summary: Happy Valet Garbage Services offers doorstep garbage and recycling removal Monday-Friday for apartment living in Utah county. Whether your a property manager looking to sign an entire complex or an individual renter/owner wanting the service for you and your family or roommates to enjoy, we can help. Don't worry, that bulk furniture that's been crowding up your home but you have no way to move it, we'll take care of that too. Bids available, contact us at (385) 404-1432.



Canadian Turkey

Canadian Turkey Logo

Owner: Kenion Harvey

Summary: We make fun, hip, and comfortable T-Shirts which feature anything from JFK in shades to Olympic What-Ifs to some home state love. There’s something for everyone in our collection!


Optimal Precision Gaming

Optimal Precision Gaming Logo 

Owner: Mitch Call

Summary: OP Gaming is a startup company that is founded on eSports and competitive gaming. Throughout the country, over 35 major colleges are competing in gaming against each other. With thousands of gamers here in Utah, we are looking to become the first Utah eSports Arena.



ProLink ESports

ProLink ESports Logo

Owner's names: Derek Omori

Summary: xProLink is creating the LinkedIn of eSports. Its network will connect you with both progamers and anyone in your personal network who plays the same games you do. Now, you can make, share and follow the gaming content you care about.




Peace4Designs Logo

Owner: Mariah White


Display at UVU VentureCon Banner

Display Your Business and Sell Your Product

Who: Full and Part Time UVU students who own their own businessAchi Designs Presents at Opportunity Quest 2017

What: Set up a table to present your business idea and gauge interest, or if you're selling product, to sell to your fellow students

When: Thursday, March 1, 2018 - 10 AM - 2 PM

Where: The Hall of Flags, UVU Main Campus

Why: We want to give UVU student businesses the opportunity to sell their products to their fellow students, or to validate their business idea by presenting it to their peers.


This event is free and will cost nothing but your time!


Contact Meagan Sanders at or (801) 863-5354 with any questions.

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Apply for a table at VentureCon and expose your business to hundreds of other UVU students.

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Find out if your business has traction by putting it to the test in the real world. Find out if anyone wants what you're offering!

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Sell Your Product

Set up to sell your product to hundreds of curious UVU students and find out just how desirable your product is.


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