Fall 2020 Lectures

Image of Andrew Smith
To Franchise or Not to Franchise | Sep. 1
Andrew Smith
Image of Devin Graham
How to Make a Living on Social Media | Sep. 8
Devin Graham
Image of Andrew ByBee
Seeing Past the Road Blocks | Sep. 15
Andrew ByBee
Image of Alison Faulkner
Building a Business of YOU | Sep. 22
Alison Faulkner
Image of Sid Krommenhoek
Demystifying Utah's Tech Success | Sep. 29
Sid Krommenhoek
Image of Alan Hall
"I'm on the Cover of Inc Magazine" What Happened? | Oct. 6
Alan Hall
Image of Amy, Tara, and Kimmy
Managing Startup Transitions | Oct. 13
Amy Caldwell, Tara Spalding, & Kimmy Paluch
Image of Monte Deere
From Innovation to Disruption and Making Life Better | Oct. 20
Monte Deere
Image of Lexi Walker & Chris Meek
Music and Entrepreneurship: Artist, Management, and Enterprise Perspectives | Oct. 27
Lexi Walker & Chris Meek
Image of Crystalee Beck & Erin Weist
To Be Announced | Nov. 3
Crystalee Beck & Erin Weist
Image of James Clarke
How to Build Your Own Billion Dollar Business | Nov. 10
James Clarke
Image of Todd Pedersen
Startup Q&A | Nov. 17
Todd Pedersen

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Profile shot of Andrew Smith

Andrew K. Smith
CEO & Co-Founder

Andrew K. Smith co-founded the Savory Fund in 2018 and raised the largest ‘first-time’ fund in Utah at $90M. As the first Utah-based fund targeted solely on the food & beverage industry, Smith and partner Greg Warnock (founder of Mercato Partners) have invested a controlling interest in three portfolio companies; R&R BBQ, Mo’Bettahs Hawaiian, Swig, and newly acquired Austin, Texas based VIA313 Pizzeria and San Diego, California based The Crack Shack. With over 65 restaurant locations currently open and operating, and 45 in development, Savory is one of the most actively growing restaurant groups in the nation. Over the past 2 decades, Smith has raised over $400 million in business funding, created over 26,000 jobs, and built and sold five companies, 3 in the technology arena and 2 business units with 122 restaurants in the F&B industry. Smith and his team have generated over $1.3B in sales over the past decade and have been listed as one of the top restaurant operators in the nation by Restaurant Monitor. Andrew was a recipient of the 2017 EY Entrepreneur of the Year® award in his category in the mountain west region. He has also served as an EY judge between 2018-2020. Andrew was also recognized by Utah’s BusinessQ Magazine as the 2018 Entrepreneur of the Year, and hit Franchise Times cover issue in November of 2018 with his partner, and President of Savory’s performance team, Shauna Smith. Born and raised in Chicago, Illinois, Andrew currently resides in Highland, Utah with his wife (Partner and Co-Founder, Shauna Smith) and two sons, Christian (20) and Tobin (15).

Profile shot of Devin Graham

Devin Graham

Devin Graham is a filmmaker and social media influencer who produces adventure and extreme sport videos on YouTube under the name Devinsupertramp. Since 2010, Devin has amassed over 5.9 million followers on YouTube, garnering over 3 billion views on social media. His videos consist of insane stunts, short films, and video games in real life, taking place all around the world.

Profile shot of Andrew ByBee

Andrew Bybee
Owner of Stack Real Estate

More information about Andrew Bybee coming soon!

Profile shot of Alison Faulkner

Alison Faulkner
Boss Lady of The Alison Show

Alison Faulkner of The Alison Show has made a career doing whatever she feels like doing. But it always involves finding ways to feel awesome and help others feel awesome too. Alison is a branding and events expert with a highly engaged online community. She hosts aniTunes top 100 podcast with hermusic producer hubby called Awesome with Alison. And founded Alison's Brand School whichhas helped thousands throughworkshops and online courses that empower entrepreneurswith heart to build a brand that can support their dreams.She collaborates and consults with Fortune 500 companiesandbelieves in love, dancing inappropriately, and putting your own name in lights.

Profile shot of Sid Krommenhoek

Sid Krommenhoek
Founder of Album VC

More information about Sid Krommenhoek coming soon!

Profile shot of Alan Hall

Alan E. Hall
Founder of MarketStar Corporation

Mr. Hall is an award winning entrepreneur, venture capitalist, philanthropist, author, speaker and well known advocate for public education. Mr. Hall is the founder of MarketStar Corporation, a global out sourced marketing and sales company. He is also the co-founder of Mercato Partners, a top performing growth equity venture capital fund. Alan is the past chairman of the Utah Technology Council, the past chairman of Weber State University’s board of trustees and the Ogden Weber Chamber of Commerce. He is the chairman of Ogden Pioneer Days and vice chair of the Ogden Union Station Museum. He serves as a board member of the Utah System of Higher Education which oversees sixteen colleges and universities. He and his wife Jeanne are the chairman and president of the Alan and Jeanne Hall Foundation (www.hallfoundation.org). The Halls have six married children and twenty grandchildren. Mr. Hall graduated from Weber State in1969 with a degree in psychology. He earned an MBA from Brigham Young University in 1972.

Profile shot of Amy, Tara, and Kimmy

Amy Caldwell, Tara Spalding, & Kimmy Paluch
RevRoad | Hen House | Beta-Boom

Amy Caldwell

More Information about Amy Caldwell coming soon!

Tara Spalding

Tara Spalding is the president and founder of Hen House Ventures. Hen House creates, implements and validates successful go-to-market programs for technology companies that need to rapidly scale new products when entering massive emerging technology markets. Tara Spalding, president and founder of Hen House Ventures Tara Spalding is the president and founder of Hen House Ventures. Hen House creates, implements and validates successful go-to-market programs for technology companies that need to rapidly scale new products when entering massive emerging technology markets. Founded in 2012 and headquartered in Salt Lake City, Hen House Ventures has been instrumental in raising over $23M in seed and Series A funding for over 30 startups throughout the U.S. Tara began her high-tech career in Silicon Valley when she taught herself to code software and became the first employee, and eventually VP of Marketing at industry leader, SugarCRM. Her Silicon Valley experience included roles as CMO at GroundWork Open Source and co-founder and CPO at BenchPick. Available to guide startups and corporations in the US and abroad, Hen House Ventures’ innovative, impactful programs are tailored to meet each clients’ specific development and funding needs. Clients include Analytic Orange, Applitools, ApolloGraphQL, Commtrex, eTeam Sponsor, Sequent Software, Inc., Ten Digit Communications and X2CRM.

Kimmy Paluch

More information about Kimmy Paluch coming soon!

Profile shot of Monte Deere

Monte Deere
CEO of HandsFree Labs

Monte Deere is the CEO of HandsFree Labs, a Vineyard, Utah-based company that creates hands-free footwear technology, licenses that technology to Nike and other footwear companies, and commercializes the technology in its own Kizik® brand. Monte loves spending time with his wife, Bobbi, and with his four children and one granddaughter. He has degrees in accounting and law from Brigham Young University and practiced corporate law for more than 25 years before making the jump to the start-up world.

Profile shot of Lexi and Chris

Lexi Walker & Chris Meek
Singer and Manager

More information about Lexi Walker and Chris Meek coming soon!

Profile shot of Crystalee and Erin

Crystalee Beck & Erin Weist
Co-Founder and President | Founder of the MamaLadder | Aspire Her

Crystalee Beck

More information about Crystalee Beck coming soon!

Erin Weist

Erin was raised in Utah with 4 brothers and an entrepreneur dad who helped them see possibilities everywhere.She stayed home full-time for 13 years raising kids, during which time she homeschooled, moved their family to Malaysia for 2 years (that was an adventure, ask her about it sometime!), sang in a jazz trio and with anyone else that would take her, and practiced guest writing on various blogs.When her kids went to public school and she looked to return to the workforce she realized how much support was lacking for women in the workplace. She had the vision for a large-scale women's business conference in Utah, the first of which was held June 2020--online due to Covid gathering restrictions. She looks forward to many years of conferences in person and hopes you'll gather with Aspire Her!

Profile shot of James Clarke

James Clarke
Managing Partner | Clarke Capital Partners

More information about James Clark coming soon!

Profile shot of Todd Pedersen

Todd Pedersen
Founder and CEO | Vivint

More information about Todd Pedersen coming soon!