Spring 2023 Lectures

Image of Mark Seastrand
Class Intro | jan. 10
Mark Seastrand
Johnny Hanna
THe ring king, Shark tank | jan. 24
Tristen Amal Ikaika
"Starting & running a non-profit" and "Growing & making an International impact" | jan. 31
Amy Chandler & Doug Jackson
feb. 7
Scott Paul
from corner stand to franchise | feb. 21
Jayson Edwards
mar. 14
Natalie Paul
the entrepreneur's paradox | mar. 21
Curtis J. Morley
from yachts to cars, finding success by keeping it simple | mar. 28
Brad Parker
the puzzling business of art | apr. 25
Eric Dowdle

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Profile shot of Mark Seastrand

Mark Seastrand
Former Director

My job is to help you start your own business. If you're a student, faculty member, staff or alumni with a business idea then come and visit with me. Don't just think about it, do it! Be your own boss!



Johnny hanna
CEO | Homie

Johnny Hanna is the chairman and co-founder of Homie. Prior to Homie, Johnny was president and
co-founder of Entrata. Johnny and his wife, Paige, have 7 boys, 1 little girl, and two dogs.
Johnny graduated from BYU-Idaho as part of its firstgraduating class.



tristen amal ikaika
Founder | Ikaika Studios

Tristen is the founder and CEO of Ikaika, a leading lifestyle brand. In 2017, he dropped
his first collection, full of spoon rings that he'd been making for years, the collection
immediately sold out and his wildly popular ring businesswas born. Each collection has sold out
within minutes thanks to his viral marketing approach and his insanely engaged community. He
loves to see his rings everywhere, including on Forbes, Shark Tank, and through influencers and people who share that deep passion for life.




amy chandler & doug Jackson
Founder & CEO / CEO | My Story Matters / Charity Vision International

Amy Chandler is also an entrepreneur at heart with varying interests in helping people become an active agent in their story. She is the founder of a non-profit, My Story Matters and the CEO of My Hero Journey, a social wellness learningcurriculum company.

A Certified Public Accountant by training, Douglas spent a limited amount of time working with auditor
Arthur Andersen before joining a small business consulting group in Dallas, Texas. Within a couple of years, he and his partners initiated a dental roll-up which eventually acquired 100 clinics over a four-state region and enjoyed revenues of forty-five million dollars annually.



scott paul
Founder | Giddy

Born and raised somewhere, Scott grew a fondness for wigs and startups at a young age.
Determined to make his mark on the world, he started and sold some stuff sothat he could dump
all of his money into seed funds and altcoins.
Today, with a large collection of wigs and a larger collection of LinkedIn accounts, Scott spends his time advising startups, raising goats and children, and kissing his wife.





aleksa & nathan porter
Co-Founders | Wander

Nathan and Aleksa Porter were both born and raised in Utah. They enjoy the outdoors, travel,
business, and jumping in to any competition big or small. They and their partner founded
Wander in Nov. 2020 and incorporated in Jan. 2021. In 2022 theywere selected as the top 100
entrepreneurs in the state of Utah.



jayson edwards
Founder | J.Dawgs

"In 2004, I pawned my Fender Telecaster to rebuild a small shack in a small town dedicated to a few simple ideas: that good should be simple, that tin foil is better than plates, and that napkins are always optional. That shack became my favorite place on earth, where a hot grill, all-natural dawgs, and homemade buns served over a good conversation are always a man's best friend. Welcome to J.Dawgs."




kristen andrus
Family Chief Culture Officer / Community Champion

Kristin Andrus is a community champion who advocates for women, children, and refugees within and beyond Utah. She is also Chief Culture Officer to her husband and six children.

Kristin serves as a board member for the Ronald McDonald House Charities of the Intermountain Area and for UnDEfeated, an organization serving underprivileged youth and single mothers in Uganda. Nonprofits count on Kristin for her social media and marketing savvy as well as her supernatural ability to get stuff done.

With over 100,000 combined followers on 91,000 Instagram andfollowers, 12,000 YouTube, subscribers, and live cooking segments on Utah’s Studio 5, Kristin has built a platform for awareness and impact. Her musings on marriage and motherhood and her collection of 250 free home workouts offer love, light, and laughter for her social media community.

In November 2020, Kristin launched #SisterGoods, an Instagram campaign that raised $30,000 in its first week to supply menstrual care products to schools, shelters, and foster care facilities throughout Utah. #SisterGoods has since spread to more than 60 communities across the U.S.



natalie paul
Co-Founder/COO | dree

Co-Founder and COO at dree. She spent over 8 years angel investing and has made more than
60+ investments in companies such as Gabb Wireless, Prenda, and Neighbor. Natalie has over 12
years experience in the startup community and has skills in operations, customer experience,
customer success, product development, HR, and accounting. She started her career over 20 years
ago as an educator and still advocates for children with learning differences.


curtis j. morley
Author/Founder | The Entrepreneur's Paradox

Curtis Morley, a 5x entrepreneur, WSJ Best Selling Author, educator,and thought leader helps entrepreneurs achieve next-level growth. Curtis built companies achieving 20x growth and acquired 96 of the Fortune 100 as clients. He’s been Entrepreneur of the Year, 40-Under-40, and Inc. 500/5000 six times. He has been heard on 1000+ radio stations by millions.


brad parker
CEO/Founder | Private Auto

Brad Parker is the Founder and CEO of PrivateAuto, a new venture disrupting the way vehicles
are bought and sold privately. He previously served as the founder and CEO ofYachtCloser, the
yachting industry’s leading contracting and closing software. He also started successful finance
and title companies in the boat and yacht industry, which became part of the YachtCloser portfolio. Boats Group acquired YachtCloser in 2017,the world’s largest online boating marketplace.


matthew & daniel roberts
Founders | Savvi Legal

Prior to founding Savvi Legal & FounderPod Ventures in 2017, Matt completed his undergrad in
Strategy at BYU and worked in both product & strategy at local tech unicorns MX & Vivint.



jordan wright
Co-Founder/CEO | Atomic

Jordan Wright is the Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Atomic as well as a shareholder and a member of its Board of Directors. Prior to starting Atomic, Jordan was the Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer at Unbill, a FinTech paymentcompany he sold to online banking software provider Q2 (QTWO). Previously, he helped start a cybersecurity company, NextPage, that was acquired by Proofpoint (PFPT).



eric dowdle
Owner/Founder, Dowdle Folk Art

(no bio included)