Destination 1: Idea and Problem

Course: ENTR 2500: Creativity and Entrepreneurial Thinking

Introduces the concepts of innovation and entrepreneurial creativity. Draws upon the inspired thinking and entrepreneurial pursuits of leaders in a variety of disciplines in order to understand the process of innovation and appreciate the role of creativity in making innovation possible. Includes topics such as the customer/problem/solution framework, design thinking, prototyping, intellectual property, creative idea development, lead user research methodology, peer feedback, new venture financing, and the lean start-up. If you can only take one entrepreneurship course while at UVU, this is the one.


Destination 2: Validation


  • VentureCon - VentureCon is a one day, four hour trade show where UVU students with businesses will have the opportunity to set up a table and pitch their idea, sell their product, or otherwise work on validating their business concepts--all for free! Members of the community are invited to come and support our student businesses by providing feedback or purchasing the students' products
  • E Club - UVU Entrepreneurship Club is at the forefront of student innovation. We focus on every step in developing entrepreneurs and student businesses. Club activities include C-suite guest speakers, Student start-ups, Seed funding, Mentors, and regular weekly meetings.

Doing Surveys

  • Qualtrics for UVU Students - Surveying your target market is vital to know if they are actually interested in your business
  • SurveyMonkey - Surveying your target market is vital to know if they are actually interested in your business
  • Build a quality survey. It's important to ask the right questions in the right way. This article discusses how.

Other Resources

  • Book: Nail It then Scale It - First learn how to really nail your idea down, then you can focus on scaling it
  • TED Talk: Start With Why - People care more about the WHY of your business than the WHAT
  • Big Ideas Canvas - Before you try nailing and scaling a startup of your own, you need to be sure that your idea passes the "who cares" test. The Big Idea Canvas will take you step-by-step through this process. Download the canvas and fill it out on paper or engage with our digital interactive canvas online.

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