Destination 7: Accelerate

  • ENTR 3170 Entrepreneurship - Provides an overview of the process of entrepreneurship with focus on the role of the entrepreneur in identifying, evaluating and developing opportunities. Considers the application of knowledge of the technical, market, financial and human aspects of a business as they relate to the start-up and development of business opportunities.
  • Summer Accelerator Program - Launch & Accelerate will take place from May 16, 2018 to August 1, 2018 with a final pitch event on August 8, 2018. Classes will be held weekly on Wednesdays from 9-Noon, including instruction, workshops, and one-on-one consultations with instructor Ralph Little and others. Everyone admitted to the program will have access to the free student incubator space in the Business Resource Center (BRC) located just south of UVU behind the Hampton Inn. Free parking will be provided at the BRC.
  • EI Competitions - The EI hosts several competitions in order for students to gain practical experience, receive feedback, and win money
  • Article: 7 Creative Ways to Boost Your Social Media Strategy
  • HubSpot Academy - Free online courses are offered to help you learn skills from design to sales
  • Branding Workshop - Your brand could make or break you, so make it great!

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Destination 8: Funding

UVU Programs

  • ENTR 4400 New Venture Financing - Covers advanced concepts and skills in entrepreneurship/small business management. Emphasizes how new and emerging companies are financed. Applies functional tools to case situations. 
  • Seed for Startups - Seed For Startups is a pitch event for UVU students seeking seed funding for their businesses.
  • Wolverine Fund, Zinn Starter Fund, Ross Seed Fund - With resources available from the UVU Wolverine Fund, the Ross Seed Fund, the Zinn Starter Fund, and the UVU Entrepreneurship Institute, UVU has the resources and tools to help start or fund your new business!
  • EI Competitions - The EI hosts several competitions in order for students to gain practical experience, receive feedback, and win money.
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Destination 9: Success

ENTR 4210 Career Development for Entrepreneurs

Deals with the personal and interpersonal development of entrepreneurs and other business professionals. Addresses issues and provides specific guidance in such areas as business and personal financial strategies, business and family interpersonal relationships, networking and human resource management strategies, and professional business- and self-image.

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VentureCon is a one day, four hour trade show where UVU students with businesses will have the opportunity to set up a table and pitch their idea, sell their product, or otherwise work on validating their business concepts. Members of the community are invited to come and support our student businesses by providing feedback or purchasing the students' products.

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Article: 3 Basics for Scaling Your Business

When you focus on these areas in your business and gain competency with the skills you learn (hint: you need more skills than just marketing to scale up), you will start to see amazing things happen. So be prepared for change!

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ENTR 4450 Enterprise Formation

Provides an integrated, engaged learning opportunity in entrepreneurship through the development of a business opportunity. Focuses on creating and managing the formation of a business enterprise from the formation of a legal entity to launching a product of service and creating a financial model. Emphasizes documenting the process in a business model and/or a complete business plan.

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Utah Entrepreneur Challenge

The Utah Entrepreneur Challenge (UEC) is a statewide, student business model competition. Teams from universities across the state compete for the best business model and a chance to win cash and awards. The grand prize is $40,000.

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Article: 5 Steps to Keep Your Startup On Track

We are part owners of a coworking space in Richmond, a haven for startups. Recently, an owner of one of these new businesses asked us how best to prioritize their work-related activities. They were feeling a bit overwhelmed and needed some advice. We suggested the following five steps.

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