5 Events to Attend at UVU to Kick Off Your Startup

The UVU Entrepreneurship Institute hosts many events catered to student entrepreneurial success.

UVU is fortunate enough to be located in Silicon Slopes, which means that we are very entrepreneurial-minded. The UVU Entrepreneurship Institute hosts many events catered to student entrepreneurial success. Here are the top 5 that you can attend this year.

  1. Speed Mentoring: Many student entrepreneurs have a great vision for their future venture, but lack some skills and knowledge needed to make it become a reality. Speed Mentoring is an semi-annual event meant to bring students and mentors together. Like a speed dating setting, students and mentors meet each other one on one for several minutes to discus their ideas and what they can offer. When time is up, you meet the next mentor. This is a great event to attend to network with professionals in all fields and get solid advice about your ideas.
  2. VentureCon: Student from all departments and majors come to VentureCon to display their business or product to fellow students. This student business trade show allows students to advertise their business, get feedback on their ideas, generate leads, sell their products, and survey potential customers. No matter where you are in the startup process VentureCon can be extremely beneficial to student entrepreneurs.
  3. Opportunity Quest: Opportunity Quest is a business plan competition open so student businesses in the early stages of development. Students or groups of students submit a short video describing their business idea. Finalists are chosen to present their proposed business model and idea to a panel of judges. This competition helps students develop their business modeling and pitching skills, as well it will give students great feedback on their ideas. Winners are awarded seed money as well.
  4. Seed for Startups: With 3 seed fund programs at UVU, there is a lot of money available for student entrepreneurs. Seed for Startups is a casual pitching event where students give a brief presentation to a panel of student judges on their business idea and what money they need to get it started. This event acts as a real life simulation where entrepreneurs need to pick quickly and effectively to potential investors.
  5. Summer Acceleration Program: Students who have a well developed idea and business model who are eager to get their venture started should participate in the 6 week Summer Accelerator Program. This intensive program will speed students through the steps needed and give them the resources to start their business. Students meet once a week in a class-type setting and have the rest of the week to get their business up to speed for the next week. Incubator space, mentors, and other resources are all available who participate.

UVU is dedicated to helping the everyday entrepreneur go from plan to profit. To find more information on these events or information on other events to attend, visit uvu.edu/entrepreneurship