What I Learned From the Announcement of 2 New Seed Funds at UVU

UVU expects great things from student entrepreneurs.

The goal of UVU is to help its students succeed through engaged learning opportunities. In a continuous effort to provide students with these opportunities and resources for success, the Entrepreneurship Institute announced 2 new seed funds being introduced into the program to accompany the Ross Fund. These new funds, the Zinn Starter Fund and the Wolverine Fund are expected to help student entrepreneurs reach success while still in school.

I was able to attend the Wolverine Kick Off event that announced these two new funds, we were privileged to hear from UVU’s president, President Holland, Amy Anderson, Jeff Moss, James Clark, and others. My takeaway after hearing all of these people speak, was the feeling that UVU expects great things from student entrepreneurs. There seemed to be an overarching theme that with great power comes great responsibility. UVU is willing to offer students these new funding opportunities because they believe in us, they can see the great potential of what we can do and how we can change the world around us.

Amy Anderson spoke briefly about her respect for the students at UVU. She stated that she admires the “lack of entitlement” that UVU students have, “meaning that they are willing to work hard and get things done…those are going to be the people that succeed”. Thinking about what Amy said, I realized that UVU has already seen student companies start because the students behind them had these qualities. Students that started companies like Waffle Love, The Town + CO, and Blue and White Collar have proven that they are willing to work hard to make their dream come true.

These three funds that UVU offers to student entrepreneurs will be available to students through competitions and pitching events. The events where most of the funding will be given out are the events Seed for Startups and Pitch! Any students that has an idea and needs some money to get started should check these events out.

Overall, there was a great spirit of innovation and progress at this kickoff. I am excited to see what new businesses and successes UVU will see thanks to these new funds.