Student Businesses Get Funding from Seed For Startups Event

Student Businesses Get Funding from Seed For Startups Event



Twenty-one UVU students participated in the Entrepreneurship Institute’s second Seed For Startups event. Students presented a five-minute pitch on their business and then asked the investors for funding, explaining how they would use the funds. The first Seed For Startups was held in Spring 2018 and is held once per semester. The investor panel consisted of five wolverine associates from the Wolverine Fund.

The investors gave money to:


Grant Evans, LiveStat | $1000

Jordan Bagnall, Nebos Ultralights | $1000

Michael Claflin (Business Management), Pillow Face | $1000

Austyn Vickers, Guuru | $500

Jameson Tanner (International Business), FishKiss Fish Spa (International Business) | $1000

Stephen Morgan (Mechanical Engineering), Hive Harvest | $500

Tucker Hunsaker (Entrepreneurship), Cause Wear | $500

Ian Hopper (Music), Tu-Bag | $500

Ashley Brown (Community Health), From This Day Forward Bridal Veils | $500

Braden Astle (MBA), Back Home Tee's | $500


Funds were provided by the ZinnStarter and Ross funds. The Ross Seed Fund provides seed-stage financing to UVU students starting a business who need funds for early development of a new product or service.


Several of the student businesses have been invited to participate in Pitch!, an event where student businesses are selected to pitch their business to local professionals who offer help such as resources, advice, or mentorship. Presenters are some of UVU’s most promising and well-established student businesses. The event is on November 29th, from 3:00 to 5:30 pm, and is open to the public.