Lectures From Companies Under 5 Years Old

Lectures From Companies Under 5 Years Old

Divvy - Founded 2016

As an entrepreneur of a young company, especially if you are a student, it can be easy to feel overwhelmed and in over your head. It may help you hear words of wisdom, lessons, and advice from other founders. We've compiled lectures from founders of three local companies under five years old.

The first is Divvy.

Alex Bean is the CBO of Divvy, a secure financial platform for businesses to manage payments and subscriptions, build strategic budgets, and eliminate expense reports.

&Collar - Founded 2017

Here at the Entrepreneurship Institute, we love sharing the success of our UVU students. We hope that Ben Perkins, founder of &Collar, can be an inspiration to students everywhere that it is possible to start your company while getting your degree.

Streemly - Founded 2018

With a vision to fill the gap between people and the information needed to make decisions, Streemly is the youngest company of the three. They are a decision management software that helps track decisions that need to be made in a company so they aren't lost in emails, spreadhsheets, and IMs. 

We hope these young companies have inspired you to start, or keep working on, your own ideas and businesses. Let us know how we can help! Visit our resources page for help at every stage of a startup, or make an appointment to speak to an advisor.

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