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Blue and White Collar, LLC

Blue and White Collar Logo

Owner: Benjamin Perkins

We set out to revolutionize the dress shirt. While staying true to the traditional and timeless design of the dress shirt, we have reinvented it with performance materials. With a fabric similar to that seen on Nike or Under Armour products, our performance dress shirts are breathable, moisture wicking, ultra-stretchy, machine washable, and incredibly comfortable.

AB Pest Control and Lawn Service

AB Pest Control and Lawn Service Logo

Owner:Jacob Wagner, Quincy Adams

Pest control doesn’t need much explanation. You have bugs. We eliminate them. We use the safest products and best techniques in the industry. At AB Pest Control Utah, our methods work. Guaranteed.

Our Utah lawn care program is designed specifically for the Utah climate to keep your lawn fresh and green.

Happy Valet Garbage Services

Happy Valley Garbage Services Logo

Owner: Colton Wood, Shaelynn Wood

Happy Valet Garbage Services offers doorstep garbage and recycling removal Monday-Friday for apartment living in Utah county. Whether your a property manager looking to sign an entire complex or an individual renter/owner wanting the service for you and your family or roommates to enjoy, we can help. Don't worry, that bulk furniture that's been crowding up your home but you have no way to move it, we'll take care of that too. Bids available, contact us at (385) 404-1432.

Waffle Love

Waffle Love Logo

Owner: Adam Terry

Here at Waffle Love, we create an authentic belgian leige waffle that is unlike anything you've ever tasted. If you want to experience love at first bite, look no further!


Skeduna Logo

Owner: Matthew Galley and Garrett Galley

The Skeduna concept—an easier, more accessible platform for students to select classes, see their schedules in calendar format, plan future semesters, and track their progress toward graduation. Skeduna uses data from schools to assist students to find the courses most suited to their majors or, if undecided, to assist students to see which majors would be fastest to graduate considering their course history. It allows fellow students to collaborate on which classes they will take together, which times are better for group projects, and which courses they would recommend to another student.


OpenWest Logo

Owner: Victor Villa

Utah Open Source Foundation, a collaboration of volunteers from local user groups, held its first conference in 2006 to support and promote open-source software. The conference has grown since then, and so has its regional reach into the surrounding communities.

By 2012 we welcomed hundreds of participants from states throughout the Mountain West. We celebrate the 2013 Utah Open Source Conference by expanding it into a regional event, the first annual OpenWest Conference.

Graham Canyon S'more Co.

Graham Canyon S'more Logo
Owner: Zack Seipert
We are a gourmet s'mores catering business that takes pride in our unique spin on the original campfire dessert.

Optimal Precision Gaming

Optimal Precision Gaming Logo

Owner: Mitch Call

OP Gaming is a startup company that is founded on eSports and competitive gaming. Throughout the country, over 35 major colleges are competing in gaming against each other. With thousands of gamers here in Utah, we are looking to become the first Utah eSports Arena.

Swim First Analysis

Swim First Analysis Logo

"​The FASTEST way to get FASTER!
Nothing & no one even close!"
- Wes Johnson

Owner: Garret Beaman, Jordan Fletcher, Mark Schramm, and Daniel Kelly


ViDi Logo

Owner: Tanner Yarro

It's simple. We made an action camera that puts Pro-Grade results within everyone's reach.


workweek logo

Owner: Skylar Mills and Devin Campbell

Run Your Photography Business

LaLa Swimwear

LaLa Swimwear Logo

Owner: Whitney C

LaLa Swimwear is a swimwear company for girls ages 2-14. I have four nieces with varying body types and their mothers were always complaining about not being able to find a suit that would fit them. This lead to the creation of LaLa Swimwear. Our suits are sold as individual pieces. You buy the top and bottom separate so you can get the proper size and fit. We also have original designs and fabric patterns that are created to pair well together, letting little girls dress their personality without mom's having to worry. LaLa Swimwear- producing swimwear that allows parents worries to be as free as their child's spirit.


Run On Logo

Owner:Mack Bawden

Our mission is to connect these individuals with runners who can push them in races. This gives individuals in wheelchairs the opportunity to get out of their houses, experience competition, and become more fully integrated into their communities.


Altai Logo

Owner: Logan Barber

The company that I started is called ALTAI. ALTAI is a clothing company that is made specifically for adventure and nature. It is bringing affordable and fashionable gear to anyone seeking outdoor activity. I have a love for the outdoors and have gotten fed up with spending a fortune for any name brand clothing for this passion. I found that there aren't many companies that make name brand clothing that is stylish and affordable, so I started my own. Because I am trying to make adventure more affordable, I want to grow enough that I can help people around the world that aren't as fortunate as I am , go on adventure and teach them the importance of nature.

Letter Love Goods

Letter Love Goods Logo

Owner: Jase Warner

I am an Entrepreneurship major at UVU and my wife loves home decor. Together we started a business called Letter Love Goods. We provide trending home decor for a fair price without breaking your wallet.

Ladies Dollar Club

Ladies Dollar Club

Owner: Stephen Miner

I noticed that subscription services were taking off. They seemed to be popping up all over the place. So I discussed with my fiancé possible subscription services. We decided to try capitalizing on something millions of women buy every month anyway. Feminine hygiene products. With our subscription box, women can get whatever products they would like and they can even add fun things to their monthly box too.

I have always wanted to start a company that can actually make a difference in people's lives. Now I can. For every box we sell, we donate product to a woman in Africa who does not otherwise have access to these things. We empower women to live life to the fullest.


PerkNow Logo

Owner: Trevor Larson

Perks to elevate your culture.


BasicallYours Logo

Owner: Cameron Stack

We are organic bath and body lifestyle product company with a social mission to always be getting back to earth and create a sustainable way of life for those around us.

All of our products are organic, non-gmo cruelty free, fair trade, eco-friendly, infused with essential oils and handmade in small batches with the purest ingredients in the world, some of the products include are full-featured line of long-lasting deodorants from unscented to lavender and citrus to our luxury line, that includes a rose scented deodorant and many more products such as Activated Charcoal Toothpaste, Dryer Balls, Himalayan Salt Candlestick Holder/Diffusers, Facials Sprays, Mists, Scrubs, Mask and Many More Products.

Canadian Turkey

Canadian Turkey Logo

Owner: Kenion Harvey

We make fun, hip, and comfortable T-Shirts which feature anything from JFK in shades to Olympic What-Ifs to some home state love. There’s something for everyone in our collection!

Trophy and Awards

Trophy and Awards

Owner: Don Haley

My name is Josh Haley. This is a business my father and I started when I was 15 years old. I was a chess player in high school seeing how many events that schools host we decided to get into the award business first it started out small, but once we got our machines up and running business started booming! I'm looking for new people that are adventurous and are wanting to make an impact! My goal is to buy out all my competitors so my company will look more attractive to bigger buyers! we currently are self owned and operated outside of Alpine Utah.

Pivot ID

PivotID Logo

Owner: Santiago Gallardo

Students are required to have an ID card. This archaic system is outdated and doesn’t allow students to take advantage of the institutions digital infrastructure. Pivot ID delivers a mobile intelligent digital Student ID Card for students, faculty, and staff. Providing a platform that offers intelligent identity services for campus constituents to successfully and fluidly interact with the university ecosystem.

Fresh Finish

Fresh Finish Logo

Owner: Trevor Larson

Onsite car detailing service.

ProLink ESports

ProLink ESports Logo

Owner: Derek Omori

ProLink is creating the LinkedIn of eSports. Its network will connect you with both progamers and anyone in your personal network who plays the same games you do. Now, you can make, share and follow the gaming content you care about.

Mighty Planner

Mighty Planners Logo

Owner:Blake Oakey

Minimalist planners for mental health and personal wellness. With the surge in suicides and mental illness rates in Utah, a planner that emphasizes gratitude, weekly focuses, mental health trackers, and “mighty moments”.

OrangeWave Solutions

OrangeWave Solutions Logo

Owner: Javier Godoy and Nate Smith

OrangeWave Solutions is a licensed accounting firm based in Spanish Fork, Utah, We provide professional accounting services to businesses and individuals, with a focus on small business accounting, bookkeeping, and payroll.

Sensational Smooches

Sensational Smooches

Owner: Monica Anderson

Senegence Intl. creates high quality anti-aging skin care products and cosmetics that have 18 hour lasting wear. My personal section of the business is called Sensational Smooches.

Level 212

Level 212 Logo

Owner: Austin Bettridge

Why level 212? Do you know what happens to water at 211 degrees Fahrenheit? Nothing but a few pin point bubbles, but add just one more degree and water boils producing enough energy to power a steam engine! By adding just one more degree, great things can happen. This concept is as true in life as it is in nature. That extra degree in life is what brings big results. We apply that same concept in our approach to fitness. With over 10 years of experience in the fitness industry, we have the information and resources to help you reach that next degree! No more walking away from your workout feeling like it was just wasted time. We provide the plan and motivation to be able to walk away from every workout a degree better! We are committed to helping everyone reach their goals! Now, let's kick it up a level!


Peace4Designs Logo

Owner: Mariah White


Honovi Logo

Owner: Jessica Wiarda

Indigenous Hopi designs by a biracial woman. Exploring my white and Hopi identity through illustration. My rez and suburban life.


GroFire Logo

Owner: James Webster

Established in 2010, everything we do at GroFire is to help businesses find & attract more customers.  If your business is in growth mode, we'll help you get found & stand out with our Web Design & Digital Marketing Services.
Web Design:
Your website is one of the most important aspects of your business; it is your digital front door.  We create stunning websites that communicate with search engines & attract customers to you.
Digital Marketing:
With Local SEO and/or a Google Ads campaign, your business will be found at the top when people search online for businesses like yours.
Online Reviews:
The GroFire Reviews Tool encourages your happiest customers to leave positive reviews & initiates private feedback for any less satisfied customers.


SideCoach Logo

Owner: Grant Lamont

An innovative platform that brings together athletes and coaches from around the world. Get access to personalized coaching videos for an affordable price, and get paid to teach what you love!

Jerry Can Supply

 Jerry Can Logo

Owner: Zachary Willardsen

Jerry Can Supply is much more than just a brand. We pride ourselves in helping those who enjoy the speed and the thrill of racing continue to have that mindset throughout the week. So whether you are working your 9-5 or taking laps at the track, you always stay connected to your passion. That's why Jerry Can Supply's motto is Fuel for Life.

Noelle Cards

Noelle Cards Logo

Owner: Rachel Leonard 

In 2015, A stressed-out, struggling college student with Asperger’s Syndrome found the hobby of card making.

In 2016, the hobby turned into a therapeutic tool and a passion to cope with the crazy world called life. In 2017, the name “Noelle Cards” was created, the logo was designed, the Facebook Page set-up, and a small student business was born.

Today, still a small student business and therapeutic tool, is now, what one could say, a hobby with benefits :) More unique, new, handmade cards are made weekly, if not daily.

All the money goes to support my continuation of education. My decided major is Deaf Studies with a minor in Autism Studies.

Thank you to all who have supported me to this point of my life and my future.


Imperium Threads

Imperium Threads Logo

Owner: Tyler Fleischman and Carson Dillon

We're just two fresh out of high-school students with an idea—and the passion and work ethic to make it happen. We started the Imperium brand in May 2018 to explore the apparel industry and make a product people will love. 

FishKiss Fish Spa

FishKiss Fish Spa Logo

Owner: Jameson Tanner

Come kiss with us! Come experience the most unique spa while tiny doctor fish naturally exfoliate your feet! 


Dollar Probs

DollarProbs Logo

Owner: Derek Shumway

Ultra Unique Gigs. Super Local Services 



Cause Wear Cause Wear Logo

Owner: Tucker Hunsaker

After struggling to find stylish and conservative hats I decided to bring my new vision of fashion to life through Cause Wear. These hats not only look and feel great, but are meant to express your interests, background, and whatever else you want to wear to tell your story.


Dronar Logo 

Owner: Trello Prince

Dronar is a company based out of the utah valley that combines the luxury of real estate with the world of cinematography.

Wasatch Event Services

Wasatch Event Services Image

Owner: Reuben Holdaway

We give you a day-of-event team who is your extra set of hands. We can help with picking up and dropping off rentals, setting up, serving/restocking food and taking down- so that you don't have to.

Copper Coin Financial, PC


Copper Coin Financial Logo


We take over the back-office tasks such as financial recording and reporting (think bookkeeping and taxes), personnel management (think payroll and new hire onboarding), compliance (think taxes and gov't reporting), and operations and integrations (think process improvement, scalability, and technology stacks). Allowing the business owner to focus on the reason they started their business.

Owner: Jacob Curtis


The Fundraise


GMG Network Logo


We are a business unit of Global Mindset Group (GMG Network Inc) a nonprofit organization that focuses on Youth Development through Service and Social Entrepreneurship. We fundraise for local and international projects that benefit women and children.

Owner: Khoa Nguyen 

JL Gamers


JL Gamers Logo

Providing gaming entertainment through YouTube. 

Owner: Jared Hanna/Logan Barlow

Virtual Farms

Virtual Farms Logo


Owner: Kason Miller

Virtual Farms is an opportunity to watch and care for real farm animals virtually. Our website features 24/7 live video stream of four different farm animals. You can join a monthly subscription to watch them anytime night or day. 

Back Home

Back Home Logo
Owner: Braden Astle, Jesse Astle, Mary Tarbet
Back Home sells High quality State themed T-shirts.



PeaksGear Logo
Owners: Thomas Haines & Preston Searl
Online retail for outdoor products.




Owner: Esteban Hernandez

MKSM is a software company currently working on its first release, a PC video game named Creo God Simulator. MKSM mainly focuses on the entertainment side of software, but is also capable of providing business solutions if requested.


RavenShadowed Studios

RavenShadowed Studios Logo

Owner: Alicia Hawks

I am an illustrator and freelance designer.  I sell fantasy art to enhance table top games. Such as maps, 3d interactive models (like multi layer dungeons) as well as other art assets to enhance rpg style games.  I also take commissions for other custom art in a variety of styles.  


iDrive Entertainment

Drive Entertainment Logo


iDrive Entertainment is an exciting and growing start-up with 4 unique services: TeamDrive, DriveCon, Drive to Educate, and iDrive Entertainment. Each product adds value to businesses and leaders in it's own special way through increasing eNPS, improving employee engagement, generating more leads at conventions/trade shows, and much more all with the equally important by-product of fun and excitement!

Owner: Kevin Interiano, Nate Dunham, Dan Cronin


FireFly Events and Rentals

Firefly Event Rentals Logo

We provide start to finish event services.

Owner: Bryce Thurgood


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