Welcome to WE LIFT (Women Entrepreneurs: Lead. Innovate. Found. Transform)!

As a program, we plan to increase the success of women entrepreneurs throughout our community. Our goal is to provide resources and leadership to those interested, and guidance to help every woman realize that they can make a difference. We hope you can join with us!

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Meet Our Team

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Our Objective

Our objective is to increase the number and success of women entrepreneurs through a women-in-business ecosystem that becomes a gathering place where women can lift themselves, their families, their businesses, their communities, and their society. In this program, we will collaborate with other organizations that support women entrepreneurs, develop funding sources to achieve long-term sustainability, include students in developing and implementing our progression, and involve, recognize, and support all women in the Utah entrepreneurship community.

Upcoming Events


The Mixhers Story with Jess Toolson

Jess Toolson

Join us as we hear the story behind Mixhers, an all-natural supplement company dedicated to changing women’s lives. Featuring CEO and founder of Mixhers, Jess Toolson!

When: Mar 16th @ 5:00 PM
Where: KB 102 & Virtual


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An Introduction to Business Finances

Taking on the finances of a business can be complicated. Our speaker, Courtney Gillman, will break down the basics of taxes and different business entities that you should know about as a company owner.

When: Apr 6th @ 8:00 AM
Where: KB 102 & Virtual