UVU is proactive in its efforts to address and reduce instances of sexual misconduct, including sexual violence, in order to create and maintain a welcoming learning and working environment.  It is our responsibility to ensure compliance with federal law by demonstrating that our programs are operated in a manner consistent with Title VII and Title IX regulations and provisions, as well as the Violence Against Women Act (VAWA).

All UVU employees are considered “responsible employees" and must report complaints related to sexual assault, misconduct, discrimination, and/or harassment to the EOAA/Title IX Office. Please see the Mandatory Reporting Info below for guidance when someone reports concerns to you.

Laura Carlson is the Director of Equal Opportunity and Affirmative Action and the campus Title IX Coordinator. For questions or comments please contact us at 801-863-7999 or email TitleIX@uvu.edu.

Steps to follow for Student and Employee Sexual Assault Disclosures

  1. Advise the individual that you are a mandatory reporter.
    Ensure the individual knows you are a mandatory reporter before they disclose an incident.
      When necessary, kindly interrupt to inform them of your requirement to report to the Title IX Office and that it will be confidential. Let them know there are support options.
    • The Title IX Office is located in BA-203.  You may offer to walk with them.
    • Students in crisis or requesting anonymity should be taken to Student Health Services.
    • UVU Campus Police.  If under 18, the law requires reporting directly to police.
  2. Provide the individual with the Sexual Assault Support Services brochure.
  3. As an employee, you must report to Title IX Office in person, by email, or by phone.
    • Report within 24 hours.
    • Email your report to TitleIX@uvu.edu and provide the student's name and UVUID#.
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