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In April, 2010, The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) collaborated with the Chemical Security Analysis Center (CSAC) and sponsored a series of atmospheric releases of Toxic Inhalation Hazard (TIH) materials, specifically Chlorine and Ammonia. These tests, called the "Jack Rabbit Project", were conducted in order to determine the Nation's vulnerability to TIH's in transport near sensitive populations and areas. The testing was conducted at Dugway Proving Ground in Utah.

These tests continued in 2015 using Chlorine only and were dubbed "Jack Rabbit II" (JRII). In the JRII tests, 7-9 tons of liquid Chlorine were released onto an urban test grid simulating a worst case situation in order to meet the objectives of the tests. This site is a repository of some of the results of these tests and meets the goal of the DHS in that the Nation's first responders are provided the information so that planning and operations may be adjusted to meet the challenges of a catastrophic release of a TIH in their communities.

The Jack Rabbit Project

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