Make sure your pre-reqs are done before the semester begins.
The RCA program meets Monday, Wednesday, Friday 5:00 pm – 10:00 pm and some Saturdays, TBA. These times are subject to change and students cannot miss any classes due to military, weddings, etc. without prior approval.

Classes typically begin the first week of January and the third week of August.


1PT Requirements

Be able to successfully complete the RCA Physical Fitness Ability Test (PFAT) prior to acceptance:

  • Run 1.5 miles in less than 15 minutes
  • 35 push-ups in 1 minute, from your toes, full arm extension
  • 35 sit-ups in 1 minute
2Driver's License

Must have a valid driver's license and send in a copy with the application


Complete: (Must have a C- or higher)

  • ENGH 1000 or higher or equivalent Accuplacer, ACT or SAT Mathematics score
  • MAT 0950 or higher or equivalent Accuplacer, ACT or SAT English score
  • ESFF 1000 – Intro to Emergency Services and Ability Testing (4 credits)
  • ESFF 1120 – Principles of Fire and Emergency Services Safety Survival (3 credits)
  • ESEC 1140 or EMT state certified (9 credits)
3Required Items

Before entering the program, please review the required materials list attached here. You are not required to have these materials before you apply but you will need them before the program begins.

Apply Today

Once you have completed the prerequisites, fill out the form below. You will then be redirected to our online application. Please make sure to fill out all feilds correctly and to the best of your knowledge. You will recieve a copy after you submit your application and it has been processed. NOTE: Recieving a copy of the application does not guarantee entrance into the program.