Fire Games

April 25, 2018 at 1 pm

Emergency Services, 3131 Mike Jense Parkway, Provo

What are the Fire Games?

The UVU RCA Fire Academy Fire Games pits a team of RCA alumni against the current fire academy class. And the competition between the two gets pretty fierce! The Fire Games showcase real-world skills that the recruits can expect to use on the job.

 The games consist of nine events:

  • Apparatus Pull—the teams compete to see who can pull a fully-loaded fire engine down the length of the apparatus bay the fastest.
  • Turn-Out Drill Relay—the teams race to see who can don their firefighting gear the quickest. The standard for the academy is to be able to don a set of turnouts in 100 seconds or less.
  • Maximum Pull-Ups—the teams compete to see who can do the most pull-ups.
  • Hammer Swing – a three-member team competes to see who can put the most force behind their sledge hammer hits, just like a firefighter who might need to forcibly break down a structure.
  • Firefighter Self-Rescue— teams of three face off to see how fast they can break through two layers of drywall and then squeeze between wood framing.  This skill is something firefighters might have to use to escape quickly through the wall of a burning home if they couldn't find their way out.
  • Axe Relay—a three-member team alternates chopping through a 12” pole.  The first team to chop through the pole wins.
  • Tire Pull Relay—each person in a five-member team pulls a 130 lb. tire the length of the apparatus floor and back again before passing it off to the next teammate.
  • Tug-of-War—if a tie-breaker is necessary, the recruits and alumni face off in this classic competition. The losing team ends up in a pile of shaving cream!

 "Everything we do at the academy is so structured and serious. It's all about performing the best you can because it's life and death," said Jake Dennison, founder of the Fire Games and an instructor at the academy. "But when you come to a fun competition like this, it's not life or death. It's about demonstrating your skills and having fun."