Appomattox Project Components

Lectures & Symposia

The Appomattox Project supports public lectures and symposia exploring the ethical dimensions of public life and civil discourse. Bringing engaging speakers and scholars to UVU promotes further and better-informed discussion on topical issues.

Lt. Governor Spencer Cox, "Responding to White Supremacy" - 2017 Ethics Awareness WeekProvo Mayor John Curtis, "Cultivating Positive Dialogue in Public Discourse" - 2017 Ethics Awareness WeekHunter College, Harold Holzer, "The President and Media: Lincoln and the Press" - 2017 Appomattox Project
Kick-off Lecture 
2018 Symposium on Religious Pluralism and DemocracyJulian Zelizer, princeton University, "Truth and Lies in Modern Politics" - 2018 ethics awareness Week

“The Moral & Legal Foundations of the Refugee Crisis” - Evan Criddle - 2017 Ethics awareness Week

“weaponized lies: How to think critically in the post-truth era" - Joel Bradford - 2018 Ethics awareness Week

“Echo chambers and the responsibility for belief" - Thi nguyen - 2018 ETHICS AWARENESS WEEK

“the ethics of wartime detention" - ryan vogel - 2018 ETHICS AWARENESS WEEK

“Religious diversity & American civic culture" - Eboo Patel - 2019 Spring lecture

“understanding being transgender" - kelli potter - 2019 ethics Center colloquium 

“The appomattox moment: Race and reconciliation in american history - Michael Goode - 2019 appomattox lecture

“Remembering to Forget: The Ethics of Public Monuments” Keith Snedegar - 2019 ethics awareness week“Shared Punishment: How Children are Imprisoned Along with Their Parents” - Luke Peterson - 2019 ETHICS AWARENESS WEEK

“The Seductions of Clarity: Conspiracy Theories, Echo Chambers, and the Gamification of Social Media”
Thi Nguyen - 2019 ETHICS awareness week

“Ethics on the Battlefield: The Role of Advanced Technologies” Ryan Vogel - 2019 ETHICS AWARENESS WEEK

Panel Discussion, "Civil Disobedience in the Age of Trump" - 2020 Ethics Awareness week

Panel discussion: The american experience with religious diversity - 2020 ethics awareness Week

Panel discussion: Health Professions and COVID-19 - 2020 ethics awareness Week

Panel discussion: living the wake of George Floyd - 2020 ethics awareness Week

Ethics awareness Week Presentation: the importance of community policing

Brownbag Discussion Series

The Brownbag Discussion Series facilitates dialogue on relevant public issues in an approachable setting. Hosted each month during the school-year, speakers and panelists address a timely issue in public life, share their expertise and experiences, and facilitate conversation. Lunch is provided.

Undergraduate Research Projects

The Appomattox Project supports undergraduate research teams assembled to explore the ethical dimensions of public policy. Students will select legislation or public initiatives to examine specifically for its ethical content and implications.

A Shared Sentence: Children of the Incarcerated (2018-2019)

The issue of incarcerated parents is particularly pressing in the United States because it has the highest per-capita incarceration in the world. The unintended consequence is the effect on the children of these incarcerated men and women, including the current 2.7 million children with a parent behind bars. Children affected by incarceration suffer higher instances of trauma, financial and housing insecurity, parental absenteeism, diminished academic performance, social alienation due to stigma, and juvenile delinquency. Entire communities are destabilized by the staggering number of families caught in the vicious cycle of intergenerational incarceration in the United States.

The objective of this research project was to identify the gaps that exist within the prison system and society that perpetuate intergenerational incarceration and recommend solutions that are actionable. This project was done in  partnership with the Office of New Urban Mechanics (ONUM) focusing on Salt Lake City's multi-agency Operation Rio Grande.

Research began with an extensive literature review and benchmarking best practices in the United States and other countries to gain a better understanding of current solutions supporting children of incarcerated parents. Student researchers then interviewed 500 prisoners in two correctional facilities in Salt Lake County to understand how prisoners view their parental responsibilities as well as the cycle of intergenerational incarceration since most prisoners grew up with a parent behind bars. The research process concluded with interviews with local stakeholders involved in the system such as judges, police officers, prison wardens, non-profit organizations, and federal agencies - United States Department of Justice, the Federal Bureau of Prisons, and the United States Department of Education.

The team of student researchers from ONUM presented findings to Representative McAdams, former Mayor of Salt Lake County, to the Salt Lake County's division of criminal justice, and at the Map the System Global Challenge - a global competition held at the University of Oxford.

A shared sentence VideoOperation Rio Grande