Building relations across worldviews, faiths, and traditions

As part of UVU's commitment to educating the whole person, the university has prioritized the effort to shape the university as an inclusive institution, a place in which people of all faiths, or those choosing no faith, are welcomed and supported.

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Engage with diverse cultural, religious, ethical and philsophical points of view

Interreligious Engagement helps is part of what makes UVU an inclusive institution where people of all worldviews are welcome and supported. Our events and spaces offer opportunities for our community to build understanding and begin dialogue across real and significant differences in perspective. Engaging with these differences helps us realize what values we share and how we can work together.

Interreligious Engagement at Utah Valley University


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Defining Interfaith

Accessible, equitable, and culturally diverse learning experiences and resources for students of all backgrounds.


Academic Events

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Diverse Religious Studies Courses


Religious, secular, and spiritual identities represented on campus

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Faculty and staff trained in Interfaith Foundations of Inclusion

Interreligious Engagement Events


Foundations of Inclusion

UVU staff and faculty learn about changing demographics, best practices for engaging religion on higher education campuses, and how understanding worldview diversity enhances and supports educational experience and inclusion.

UVU Inclusion & Diversity

Foundations of Inclusion Calendar

Interfaith Student Council

From excursions at local places of worship to public forums across worldviews, the council works to strengthen students’ understanding of religious and cultural diversity and develop skills for engaging in meaningful and inclusive dialogue.



A designated space for Meditation, Prayer, Reflection, and other forms of individual expression, whether you believe in God, Gods, or no god. The Reflection Center hosts events and opportunities for dialogue, education, and spiritual practice.


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UVU hosts a wide variety of events to engage religious diversity through a variety of approaches, including academic conferences, social gatherings, cultural appreciation, and leadership development through the lens of pluralism.

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Community Partnerships

UVU has developed partnerships with local organizations that cultivate understanding across religious boundaries and which further the engagement mission of the university. The organizations below are active partners in connecting UVU students, faculty and staff with these important community resources.

Bradley Center for Grieving Children and Families

Foundation for Religious Diplomacy (Website Down) 

Utah Valley Interfaith Association

Utah Council for Citizen Diplomacy

Salt Lake Interfaith Round Table

Community Advisory Board

Kena Matthews (co-chair)
Community Services Manager, City of Orem

Brian Birch (co-chair)
Director, Religious Studies Program, Utah Valley University

Stephanie Ashcraft
Utah Valley Public Relations Council, Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

Luna Banuri
Board of Trustees, Utah Council for Citizen Diplomacy

Juliana Boerio-Goates
Catholic Lay Ecclesial Minister

Khando Chazotsang
Utah Tibetan Community

Caru Das
Director, Spanish Fork Krishna Temple

Brian Farr
North American Interfaith Network

Tami Harris
Chaplain, The Heritage School 

Zeynep Kariparduc
Chair, Salt Lake Interfaith Roundtable

Ruhul Kuddus
Former President, Utah Valley Islamic Council

Karen McCandless
Utah Valley Interfaith Association; Community Action Services & Food Bank

Scott McKinney
Lead Pastor, CenterPoint Church

Carrie Moore
Executive Director, Bradley Center for Grieving Children & Families

Alexis Palmer 
Dean of Students and Associate Vice President for Student Development and Well-Being, Utah Valley University

Josie Stone
Salt Lake Interfaith Roundtable

Ted Taylor
Chaplain, Orem Fire & Police Departments

Scott Trotter
Senior Director for Communications, Utah Valley University

Summer Valente
Director, Center for Social Impact, Utah Valley University