The Center for the Study of Ethics was founded to promote ethics across the curriculum programming at Utah Valley University. Since 1992, the center has been a national leader in this area and was recognized in 2001 with the Theodore M. Hesburgh Award for Leadership Excellence in Higher Education. Since this time,  the center has developed a variety of programs to help promote ethics education in a variety of disciplines and through diverse methodologies. Below are the programs that support ethics across the curriculum at UVU.

  • Ethics Awareness Week - Held annually the last full week of September, Ethics Awareness Week explores the moral dimensions of numerous disciplines and topics through a series of panel discussions and other events. The week also contains the keynote addresses of the University Faculty Fellows in Ethics, the Excellence in Ethics Award, film screenings, and the Philosophy Colloquium on Ethical Theory.
  • Intercollegiate Ethics Bowl - UVU provides regional leadership in supporting high school and intercollegiate ethics bowls for our students. Led by Dr. Karen Mizell, UVU students have competed across the nation debating ethical case studies with their peers at other institutions.
  • Ethics Faculty Fellowship - The CSE Faculty Fellowship Programs are designed to facilitate faculty inquiry and scholarship in interdisciplinary ethics. Projects may address ethical issues in architecture, art, behavioral science, biology, business, computer science, dance, earth science, ecology, education, engineering, government, history, interdisciplinary studies, journalism, law, literature, medicine, philosophy, public health, public policy, technology, and other disciplines. 
  • EAC Faculty Summer Seminar - During the month of may, faculty from across UVU participate in a five-day seminar designed to explore an interdisciplinary ethics topic with a renowned visiting scholar including Wendall Wallach from Yale University, Deni Elliott from the University of Montana. Robert Solomon from the University of Texas, and James Sterba from the University of Notre Dame.
  • Student Ethics Symposium - Held annually, this forum promotes critical and academic inquiry related to ethical issues of all disciplines. The forum embraces the chief goal of the Center for the Study of Ethics" "to promote the Jeffersonian ideal of an educated citizenry by bringing diverse voices together in thoughtful and productive dialogue." 
  • Teaching Ethics - Teaching Ethics is the international journal of the Society for Ethics Across the Curriculum. The publication originated in 2000 and has been housed at UVU since its inception with Brian Birch, David R. Keller, Elaine Englehardt, and Michael Pritchard serving as editors.