The Appomattox Project is a multi-year effort designed to focus on the ethical dimensions of democratic societies, civil discourse, public policy, and the sustainability of shared institutions. The project includes a variety of events and activities including workshops, public lectures, undergraduate research projects, panel discussions, and community engagement. 

As the site that ended the American Civil War, Appomattox Court House has become a symbol of reconciliation and civil discourse. The aim of the project is to engage critical issues in our public life and to explore how ethical principles and practices shape civil society. 

Activities Include 

  • monthly online discussion forums
  • lectures & symposia
  • student workshops
  • undergraduate research projects
  • classroom resources for faculty
  • student excursions & site visits

Campus & Community Partners

  • UVU Center for the Study of Ethics

  • UVU Department of History & Political Science

  • UVU Office of New Urban Mechanics

  • UVU Center for Constitutional Studies

  • UVU Peace & Justice Studies Program

  • UVU Honors Program

  • Utah Humanities 

  • Orem Public Library