2016 Student Ethics Symposium

2016 Student Ethics Symposium

The annual Student Ethics Symposium is an opportunity for students of all disciplines to explore topics related to ethical inquiry, from theoretical to practical applications. Outstanding papers are selected from the symposium for electronic publication.

2016 Student Ethics Symposium Papers 

February 26, 2016

Oakley Hill
“Latter Day Ethics and Animals”

Oakley Thomas Hill is an Integrated Studies major at Utah Valley University. His emphases are Ethics and Peace & Justice Studies, and he is currently finishing up his Junior year. Upon graduation he plans on entering a Masters program in the study of Peace Building, where he will focus his research on Civil Resistance and Nonviolent Strategy.

Kenni Littlefield
“Ten Ethical Guidelines”

Kenni Littlefield is a Junior at Utah Valley University, pursuing Bachelor's degrees in History and in Interdisciplinary Studies. He is a member of the Golden Key Honor Society.  

Hannah Williams
"Explaining the Ethical Importance of Communication”

Hannah is a senior in the philosophy program at Utah Valley University. Her goals include joining the Peace Corp and possibly going on to graduate school. She enjoys researching topics in educational philosophy and in animal ethics.