John T. Kesler | 2018 Ethics Awareness Week

Excellence in Ethics Award 

This is a picture of Joh T. Kesler the winner of UVU's 2018 Excellence in Ethics Award.

John T. Kesler

Founder and Chair,

Salt Lake Civil Network

John T. Kesler is an attorney, facilitator, writer, consultant and lecturer residing in Salt Lake City, Utah. He served as Communities Editor of National Civic Reviewthe oldest and most respected journal in the United States addressing local civic and democratic practices. He led several studies relating to civic and citizen engagement and community movements that were funded by national foundations, and is credited with identifying, writing about and improving on many cutting edge aspects of citizen engagement and community flourishing.  Mr. Kesler founded and chairs the Salt Lake Civil Network (SLCN) and the Global Civil Network.  As executive director of the US healthy community coalition, John revived the healthy community global action network and served as senior consultant to the founding of GAN-Net, the network of global action networks. He was a founding member of the Integral Institute and a founding teacher of the Integral Spiritual Center. He is a visiting faculty for Pacific Integral in Seattle. John has also developed and shares an integrally informed awareness and life practice called integral polarity practice through the Integral Polarity Practice (IPP) institute.

John is the steward of the Mentor Council, is on the board of trustees of SLCN, serves on the Facilitation Council, and is the steward of the Politics Network and Co-steward of the Integral Community Network.