Ethics Center Welcomes Visiting Scholar Robert Goldberg

Robert A. Goldberg, professor emeritus in History at the University of Utah, will serve as a visiting scholar in the Center for the Study of Ethics for the Spring 2022 semester. His work will focus on the history of political movements in the U.S. and their implications for contemporary public discourse. He will be teaching a seminar course entitled "American Conspiracy Theories" alongside other activities related to the Civic Thought and Leadership Initiative at UVU.

The seminar on American conspiracy theories will consider how conspiracy theories are developed and transmitted, how key American institutions encourage conspiracy thinking, and the social and political impact of conspiracy thinking. Participants will examine conspiracy theories through an interdisciplinary approach, gathering insights from history, political science, sociology, communication, media and film studies, and literature.

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Robert A. Goldberg

Robert A. Goldberg is the former Director of the Tanner Humanities Center and Professor of History Emeritus at the University of Utah. He is the author of eight books with his last two, the Pulitzer Prize-nominated Barry Goldwater and Enemies Within: The Culture of Conspiracy in Modern America (Yale University Press).

His most recent publication is the co-edited volume Faith and Reason, Conscience and Conflict: The Paths of Lowell Bennion, Sterling McMurrin, and Obert Tanner (University of Utah Press). He is the recipient of twelve teaching honors along with the University of Utah’s most prestigious award, the Rosenblatt Prize for Excellence in 2008.


Appomattox Project 
Talking Conspiracy
in the Age of Trump

This talk will explores the changing nature of conspiracy thinking in the 21st century. It focuses primarily on discourse surrounding President Donald Trump and the “outrage industry” that has been emboldened as a result. It also suggests problems that conspiracy talk poses for maintaining a vibrant and healthy democracy.