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We want students to find a space to express their religious or ethical identity, be challenged by hearing about other identities, and be equipped to find ways to be in relationship no matter how we orient around religion.

This is the publicity poster for UVU's cocoa, coffee and convo weekly event in the Reflection Center.

Cocoa, Coffee, Convo

The Reflection Center invites you every Thursday at 3pm to discuss our values and virtues. How do they make us who we are, and who we are becoming?

Free Cocoa or Coffee every Thursday at 3pm!

IFSC Baha'i Excursion

Interfaith Student Council Excursion

UVU students are welcomed to join the Salt Lake City Bahá'í community in celebrating the two hundredth anniversary of the Birth of the Báb. The event will focus on the light the Báb brought to the world. The celebration includes a devotional, musical performances, a film showing, and light refreshments.  


Monday, October 28 7-9 pm RSVP here!

Faith & Film Radical Grace poster

Faith & Film Radical Grace

The Reflection Center is excited to announce for Fall 2019 a Faith & Film Series. For our final film this semester we will be screening a film called Radical Grace. When the Vatican reprimands U.S. nuns — citing their “radical feminism” — three fearless nuns risk their place in the Church to follow another higher calling: social justice.


November 6th @ 5pm!

This is a picture of UVU's Reflection Center Convening Room.

Convening Room

The Convening Room is a space for religious club meetings, gatherings, and interfaith events. This is not a place that tells you how to engage in your faith, but engages you in opportunities to learn more about interfaith dialogue and the beliefs and practices of others. The library is an important part of this process along with the activities and events held in the space.


*Available when there is a member of staff present

This is a picture of UVU's Prayer and Reflection Room.

Prayer Room

The Prayer Room space is open to all students, staff, and faculty for auditory prayer or group worship practices. The space is equipped with benches and is versatile in its arrangement.


*Available during all building hours.

This is a picture of UVU's Meditation Room in the Reflection Center.

Meditation Room

The Meditation Room is the room at the end of the hallway. It is an intentionally silent space. There are meditation cushions available to borrow from the staff. We also try to keep the space technology free with the exception of meditation apps or timers.


*Available during all building hours.

Reflection Center Events


Religious Accomodation

Do you have a class, assignment, or test that conflicts with your religious holidays?

A separate form must be submitted for each course by the end of the third week of the semester for a full semester course, or by the end of the second week for a half semester course.

Religious Accomodation Form

Interreligious Engagement

The Interreligious Engagement Initiative (IRI) is a project designed to support a variety of academic and engagement activities related to the study and practice of religion in comparative and cross-cultural contexts.

Learn More


Donor contributions afford UVU students the opportunity to deepen their understanding of religious communities and engage in cooperative activities that foster respect and dialogue.


Where to find us

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Student Life and Wellness business hours

Monday - Friday 8:00am- 10:00pm

Saturday 8:00 am- 6:00 pm

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