General Questions:

Where can I find a map of the buildings on campus? 

Accessibility Maps for UVU campus can be found here 

Where can I find the nearest Mamava breastfeeding pods on campus? 

Information regarding UVU’s lactation pods can be found here 

Where can I find parking? 

Parking can be seen on this campus map here 

Do I have to use UVU Catering for my event?

No outside food or beverage may be brought to events. UVU Policy - 5.2.2 For all events using university facilities--all food must be obtained through UVU Dining Services and our on-campus affiliates.UVU Catering 

Where can I find places to eat on campus?

Information about UVU Dining can be foundhere. 

How does my club schedule an event?

Club information and forms can be found here.

How do I schedule a tour at the Roots of Knowledge?

You may submit a tour request through the Roots of Knowledge form found here 


25live questions:

How do I search in 25live?

25Live training for searching can be found here. *Please note that you must click “enroll” in order to view the 25Live training. 

How late can I make changes to my event?

Major changes of any event details cannot be made later than 48 hours (2 business days) before the date of the scheduled event.

Why can't I find my department as an organization?

Organizations can be found based on your area’s AVP Level from Banner in 25live. Please search for your AVP level title to add the organization to your request.  

Why can't I can't find the room I want to reserve?

Some locations are not visible to requestors to request due to security and approval processes associated with the location,or sometimes locations will not appear in a search if they are unavailable. If unsure, select the “help me find a location” in the location field and write in the additional comments box thepreferred location for your request and a backup location if the first is not available.  

How do I make a recurring event?

25Live training for submitting requests with multiple dates and time can be found here. *Please note that you must click “enroll” in order to view the 25Live training.  

How do I add multiple rooms to my event?

Once in the 25Live request form, you may type in the location of the space you would like to reserve under the “locations search” box. Click “reserve” once you find your desired room. You may then go back to the locations search bar and type in another location following the same steps required when reserving the first room.  


Policy Questions

What is the definition of MEAC?

MEAC stands for:Major Events Assessment Committee 

MEAC Defined: The university committee responsible for evaluating events for possible impact on campus functions or activities and concerns regarding safety or security, and for determining if an event should be classified as a major event. The MEAC is comprised of the Fire Marshal and representatives from the following university departments: UVU Police, Academic Scheduling, Emergency Management, Risk Management, Parking Services, General Counsel, and Event Services. 

The Major Event Assessment Committee is tasked with setting protocols to ensure the UVU community enjoys all the rights and benefits that go along with the freedom of speech as outlined in UVU Policy 161 while following facility operating policies, having proper security, orderly space and resource availability, and prevention of substantial interference with the university's educational activities. 


What is the purpose of the MEAC?

Major Event Assessment Committee will assess the level and nature of security necessary to protect people, property, and freedom of speech. Objective factors for consideration include but are not limited to: (a) the proposed location of the event, (b) the estimated number of participants, (c) the time of the day that the event will take place, (d) the date and day of the week of the event, (e) the proximity of the event to other activities or locations that may interfere, obstruct, or lessen the effectiveness of the security measures being implemented, (f) the personnel and equipment needed to secure the event, (g) the anticipated weather conditions, (h) the estimated duration of the event, and (i) any other objective viewpoint-and content-neutral considerations relevant to assessment of security needs. 

The Major Event Assessment Committee will determine, based on its security assessment, those actions, contingency plans, or conditions deemed necessary to coordinate adequate security, ensure space availability, and prevent substantial interference with the University's educational activities. The Committee will offer security recommendations to the event coordinator to follow order for the event to take place. 


Is my request considered a major event?

  • For the purposes of determining Major Events (including but not limited to celebrations, dances, lectures, forums, performances, rallies, social gatherings, concerts, speaker presentations, meetings, and conferences) to be held, in part or in full on Utah Valley University property, major events are classified as one of the following but are not limited to: 
  • The number of anticipated attendees exceeds limits established by the Major Events Assessment Committee (MEAC) as an event with 400 or more attendees 
  • The MEAC determines, through a security assessment, that the event is likely to significantly affect campus safety and security or significantly affect campus services; 
  • The MEAC determines that the event has a substantial likelihood of interfering with other campus functions or activities; 
  • The event is a dance, athletic event, or concert, regardless of how many attendees, unless otherwise exempted by criteria established by the MEAC. 

What are the procedures for scheduling a major event?

All major events must be formally scheduled through 25Live (6) weeks in advance for the purpose of coordinating proper security, space availability, and avoiding substantial interference with the University's educational activities. The major events committee can make a recommendation to President's Council for approval for major events that are scheduled less than 6 weeks in advance but only if the Committee can complete the analysis provided in this procedure. 

Can I make changes to my existing major event?

If there are any significant changes to a scheduled major event, such as a location or date change, the Major Events Assessment Committee must review the event again for space availability, security, and potential interference with educational activities even if the event has already been approved. 

Event sponsor(s) must meet with the Major Event Assessment Committee, or its representative, to review event details at least two weeks before the event. 

Who are the UVU Service Providers?


UVUPD will plan or recommend security measures for people, property, and speech rights based on the unique needs of the event is subject to security fees. 


Expressive activity at indoor major events as well as outdoor major events will be subject to reasonable time, place, and manner restrictions in accordance with major event procedures. These objects listed below provide dangers to people, property, and speech, and are therefore prohibited at major events: motor vehicles on lawns or walkways, combative gear and weapons such as bats, helmets, torches, open flames, clubs, shields, and knives. 

  • Reviews scheduling request to determine if the event needs to be assessed by the Major Events Assessment Committee. 

 UVU Police 

  • Coordinates and provides safety and security services at campus events. 
  • Conducts security assessments for major events. 

 Risk Services 

  • Determines appropriate insurance requirements for major events and any liability waivers required.  

 Fire Marshal 

  • Determines safety requirements for vendors, activities and security measures for property and safety of participants 


What does fronting mean?

Fronting is permitting or aiding an external use under the guise that the activity is a university event or co-sponsored event for the purpose of avoiding contracts, risk management or Event Services review, payment, or other requirements and conditions applicable to external events.

What is a co-sponsored event?

Policy 425, 3.1.2 “Co-sponsored events” are events in alignment with the mission of the University that involve a formal partnership between an authorized university entity and an external entity in which the University holds membership or maintains a relationship that directly benefits the university community. Co-sponsored events are planned and hosted by the external entity with direct involvement from the university entity, and in adherence to this policy and applicable Event Services requirements.

Can I have an event inviting minors on campus?

Yes, if the event follows the proceeding policies: UVU Minors on Campus Policy 

All events are subject to approval.